Today is the 140th birthday of Hiram Percy Maxim founder to the ARRL, Amateur Radio Relay League. I’ve been doing research on him for my Makezine post and I am surprised to find that technology today isn’t that different from when he was around. Hacks were called kinks. And people were using the radio instead of the computer. Almost everyone knew Morse code from the war. They would used ham radio to keep in touch and had little phrases to talk on ham radio. Instead of LOL they would say HIHI. Instead of TTYL they would say 73. I was even surprised to learn at Hamvention that the YL’s (ham ladies) used to have their own electronic jewelry booth. Not too different from what I do today. It is interesting that things don’t really change too much.


This is a mixed up collection of funny advertising pictures from my 5 weeks in Portland. Some funny, some tragic, some WTR R U Serious?!!

dont advertise

The lamppost with all the flyers for music shows says “Dont Advertise” but… do they mean, don’t advertise anything other than indy rock. Or does no one care?

corn syrup


Twix rockers

So the question is… is this a twix advertisement? or was it just that cool to paint a Twix logo on the back of your white portable radio in the heyday of 80’s graffiti-cool?

Picture via Mariasa Olson’s flickr set IMG_FAN


Earlier this month, Nikon announced their CoolPix S1000pj camera, which has a built-in projector — the first camera to do this as of yet.

I’m not a gadget whore nor am I advocating buying this product, with its $430 price tag, but it does bring up some amazing social possibilities.

Imagine this: instead of 3 or 4 people huddled around a 3-inch LCD screen, you instead project your images from parties and travel against the walls of the local bar or restaurant. While some people don’t approve of this, I say why not? Cafes have become laptop opium dens, people gab on their cell phones on sidewalks, and I have been asked to move aside while looking at artwork for the sake of a quick photo.


Today is the launch party for my new project, Fairytale Fashion.


Today is the launch party for my new project, Fairytale Fashion.


Bright Bike Prototype (w/ + w/o flash)

Simon Jolly has been learning how to use the Vinyl Cutter. New fun kits coming soon.

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Bottled water makes polar bears cry

The folks at Tappening have released one of the funniest and smartest PSA-ish social education campaigns I’ve seen in a long time. Well, maybe since the New York Times Special Edition.

Reports are these cute single color posters with white lies about the bottled water industry will be hitting the streets of NYC soon, if they aren’t already up (I’m out of town for another week).

My favorite is “Bottled Water: 98% melted ice caps, 2% polar bear tears.” The small print at the bottom of the poster says: “If bottled water companies can lie, we can too.”


Liz Danzico (of Bobulate and SVA) asked me to finish this sentence in front of a camera: “So you’re thinking about becoming a designer? If I could tell you only *one thing* about going into the field, my advice would be ___________ ”

I think the most important piece of advice is to bring your camera everywhere you go. If you think your camera is too big, get a smaller one. I have a big DSLR that almost never gets used for anything other than documentation, but I always have my little point and shoot with me.


I am very excited to be the recipient of one of the 2010 Rhizome commissions for my art piece Fictional Jewelry and Other Wistful Adornments. Thank you everyone who voted for me, as I received a member award.

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