I am very please to go live today with a brand new speedshow.net website, designed and WP-themed by Saskia Aldinger. Awesome!!! Thxxx!!!


CRACKED RAY TUBE – at TLVSN Chicago 27.4.2011

1st 2 min of an awesome tube-glitch performance  by the duo CRACKED RAY TUBE I saw at TLVSN last thursday in Chicago … NOISSSEE!!!


Current & upcoming shows / talks / workshops

New Media Pathway
Merzakademie, Stuttgart, Germany
Wahlwoche guest teaching

Digital Folklore
Conference cycle at Gaite Lyrique, Paris, France
curated by Marie Lechner
with: Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, JODI, Aram Bartholl


[first released on F.A.T.]

DISCLAIMER: Don’t do this at home …ähhh … at the city trains U-Bahn or S-Bahn. They check those quite often. The bus driver in the city might ask you for a ticket or yell at you but you can always try to just walk in. At Tegel nobody cares AT ALL …. enjoy the coffee places in Berlin! ( That’s all we have ;-)

See also James’ UK bus hack!


[first released on F.A.T. , don't miss the comments there...]

1. Download your pass here.
2. Print it on heavy paper, both sides.
3. Insert your name with a pen.
4. Visit MOMA a whole year for free!

You are only eligible to obtain an MOMA artist annual pass (25,-$) (regular entrance fee 20,- $ !!!) if you can proof  that you had ‘OFF-LINE’ !!!  art shows. Can you believe that? Online art doesn’t count in?!? We need to change that.

The making of the Free MOMA pass:


Here are some photos from the Fabric Deployable Structures workshop that I taught for the Colab Summer Workshop Series.


This week in New Zealand I have been teaching workshops for the Colab Summer Workshop Series. I taught an inflatables workshop, an EL wire workshop, a fabric deployable structures workshop, and a sewing soft circuits workshop. Below are some images from the EL wire and sewing soft circuits workshop. I’ll post some photos from the other workshops later this week.


Greetings from New Zealand where my first solo exhibit, TechStyle opened earlier this week at the ST PAUL St. Gallery. I am here for an artist residency through Colab (similar only in name to Collab the shared studio space I work from in NYC). Stop by to see the exhibit, or make a reservation to come Tuesday for our private event.


A new piece I made for arte creative. Congrats to Alain! Great choice of works and great job for the site! Let s hope the servers will crash by traffic load !!! (Like mine today ;-)

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