This week in New Zealand I have been teaching workshops for the Colab Summer Workshop Series. I taught an inflatables workshop, an EL wire workshop, a fabric deployable structures workshop, and a sewing soft circuits workshop. Below are some images from the EL wire and sewing soft circuits workshop. I’ll post some photos from the other workshops later this week.


Greetings from New Zealand where my first solo exhibit, TechStyle opened earlier this week at the ST PAUL St. Gallery. I am here for an artist residency through Colab (similar only in name to Collab the shared studio space I work from in NYC). Stop by to see the exhibit, or make a reservation to come Tuesday for our private event.


A new piece I made for arte creative. Congrats to Alain! Great choice of works and great job for the site! Let s hope the servers will crash by traffic load !!! (Like mine today ;-)


(Drawing by my son, love it! Looks like a early Keith Harring ;-)


Johannes P Osterhoff inaugurated his piece ‘Home, Sweet Home‘ at cafe St.Oberholz last Friday. Was fun! Nice one, like it! It was also shown at Ars Electronica 2010 but this is the perfect spot in Berlin’s most hardcore ‘Mac Cafe’ ;-). Congrats Joahnnes!



Video 00:25 min
Media: .3gp
Dimensions: 480 x 800 px

Aram Bartholl


I am very pleased to present a super fun cooperation with a very good friend Ariel Schlesinger!

Looptaggr! A great new tool to express your opinion in public. The latest streetart technique to support your favorite gang ( i.e. Wikileaks). Full tutorial and all pics at http://looptaggr.com.


I’m excited to be assisting with the curation of Fashionware, the first fashion show at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show). The show is produced by Living in Digital Times and Mommy Tech and will have a selection of fashion ranging from corporately produced on the shelf garments to experimental prototypes. I finished up sketches this weekend for the look book. This middle sketch was my most challenging. How do you style a taser and smart sunglasses with a chiffon dress?

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