urban research


Full bandwidth version of crystal radiodetuning and resonance
in the Eyebeam window gallery installation going down tomorrow -
always fascinated by the sounds; in this case, you're hearing
pretty much what the piece sounded like from the storage room
behind the window. recorded with Zoom H2.



megalithic distortions of figures, sky island
dolmens and idols, cromlech and obelisk


Coupled and Resonating Crystal Radio Circuitry with Analog Recording


"install3, a remarkable soundwork in which voices flot through the
(metaphoric) ether, representing the universal radiations of the virtual"

In the installation, two crystal radios (one loose coupler with double
diodes replacing the crystal, and one with honeycomb coil and single air
condenser plus single diode) are coupled together, along with a variometer
and early aerial air condenser. The coupling is designed to detune the
broadcast band, so that the maximum number of stations are piled on each
other. The resulting output is fed to high impedance earphones in parallel

Projects: Alan Sondheim
Research: Urban Research
Tags: sound, urban research, virtual

on the move

Fi and Michael on the move, crossing themselves out,
the door open, and Fi and Michael are on the move;
we've waited for these moments of empathy and love,
waited for years; they're on a plane, they're doomed
to repetition. Fi and Michael don't know that; each
is new to them, their emotions opening like flowers;
they don't know each time is like the first or last,
all looped and circular, always the same opening,
they don't know that, we do, we do, we do.

Blue Skies as I am on the move, separated by encounters,
the beatings of the heart of the machine, and breathless
Blue Skies, they are so simple, they are so profound,
and like them, pulling us along, we are profound as well,
pulsing with empathy and love, these encounters coming,
fitfully, to an end, like flowers, like love, like Fi


‎2 small videos - millipede and theobvious


millipede all the way around the preserve, small millipede,
millipledged, millipede in the distance, tiny walking,


well, this is just the offerings at the local barnes and noble,
primarily in the area of philosophy and thought. superstition
rules the day, but we all know that.


memoria hd


probably no one will watch these, large files reduced from hd, final
versions of windmills and walkthroughs. the memorial is in the placing
of them. the memorial is in the waiting and uploading and the thinking
of the past through the future already collapsed. these are the last
views. there are the final times. i could not have written without the
vestige, punctum, of a home. i needed a place to stand. i can't stand
in new york. i can't stand in atlanta, fukuoka, halifax, los angeles,
hobart, perth and nottingham. unable to stand i write diacritically,
i place the vowels against the hardness of insistent letters, the

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