We are running a torch relay as part of opening ceremony for Eyebeam’s MIXER: OLYMPIAD, and we want you to carry the torch for a leg of it!

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Tracky Birthday live (2/4). Dude is off the chain. Plays every instrument

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I am excitied to be part of the Deep Dish TV Conference: Re-Igniting the Network Video & New Technology in the Service of Progressive Social Movements, which takes place tomorrow 2/20.

This meeting is a beginning discussion to help chart the path through an increasingly difficult terrain for people involved in social justice media work.  The two areas of discussusion are:

1.  What's Working: The State of the Art of Video Activism. Obstacles and opportunities for progressive video and film to inspire robust, invigorated progressive social movements.

2. . Connecting: Technology tools and strategies in the service of social movements.

I'll update after the weekend.


People: Emma Lloyd
Research: Open Culture
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Video from our 48 Hour Hackathon featuring projects created during the event:

openFrameworks art, EL wire fashion, 3d printed bottle openers, LED email lights, massive LED matrix projects, and books hacked to hold digital collections of… books!


Luc Courchesne took part in the emergence of media arts twenty-five years ago, when, as a video artist inspired by a generation of experimental filmmakers including Michael Snow and Hollis Frampton, he adopted computer technologies. First delving into interactive portraiture, a great artistic tradition re-articulated in a new mould, his work has recently turned to another important genre, that of landscape. With his installations, "panoscopic" images, and a device of his own making used to create a sense of visual immersion, he transforms the spectator into a visitor whom he leads, like Alice, through the looking glass.

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2004FExhibiting Artist
SExhibiting Artist

In The Legible City the visitor is able to ride a stationary bicycle through a simulated representation of a city that is constituted by computer-generated three-dimensional letters that form words and sentences along the sides of the streets. Using the ground plans of Manhattan; the existing architecture of these cities is completely replaced by textual formations written and compiled by Dirk Groeneveld. Travelling through a city of words is consequently a journey of reading; choosing the path one takes is a choice of texts as well as their spontaneous juxtapositions and conjunctions of meaning.

Project Created: 
May 2004

Kishlak Dwellers is a 2/3D animated video based on A.R. Luria's 1933 book, Cognitive Development. Goss's animation explores the differences between speaking and writing, as well as the culture clash resulting from the 1930s Soviet expansion into Central Asia. This project extends the grammar and aesthetics of animation by combining narrative and documentary impulses seldom seen in the genre.

Goss references narrative and documentary traditions in her work. For the past six years she has been presenting experimental video works internationally at venues such as the New York Video Festival, the Rotterdam Film Festival, Women with Vision at the Walker Art Center and the ISEA Conference in Nagoya, Japan.

Project Created: 
April 2003
People: Jacqueline Goss
Project Type: Video
Tags: video, narrative, documentary

After realizing that calculus and engineering weren’t exactly her style, Diana Eng decided to put her quantitative talents to work elsewhere: in the fashion industry.

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