For this project I was invited to create 8 second videos that would appear among advertising on a giant screen in Toronto. Working on a giant screen that distributes advertising presented some ethical challenges – I've been vocal about being against these kinds of screens in public spaces. But what an opportunity! So I tried to figure out how, in 8 seconds, I could get people to stop looking at the ads.

Each of the videos begins with the words "CLOSE YOUR EYES" and then a short statement:


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"The Optimization of Parenthood" is a robot arm which reacts whenever a baby placed in the bassinet cries or awakes from sleep. Developed by Addie Wagenknecht of NORTD Labs as a "speed project" during a one-week residency at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University.

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WifiTagger is a device to tag wifi networks. It can broadcast up to four lines of 32 characters. Upon selecting a tag as your network, you can tag the wifi spectrum via the WifiTaggers open UI. Tags will be viewable within the list of wifi networks for anyone within the routers range. WifiTagger lets anyone with a wifi enabled device tag digital space.

Cast: Addie Wagenknecht

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How Change Happens
Wood, latex and casein paint, electronics, software
24 x 77 x 5.25 inches
Edition of 3

more at:

Cast: Steve Lambert

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Steve Lambert discusses his new gallery show, "It's Time to Fight and It's Time to Stop Fighting."

Learn more about Steve and see the rest of the works at:

Cast: Steve Lambert and Victoria Estok

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