As much as I like it, more than any other site the commenters on YouTube can be surprisingly, well, horrible. In my research I found this was true even on videos of the highest-of-high culture. Operas and symphonies had the same hostile, petty, and juvenile comments as nearly any other video on the site.


Les Années Lumière ( 14/2/05 - 14/5/08 )

A bird's eye view of the
lights that shook Lebanon.
3 years and 3 months,
compacted to 45 minutes.

22 x 30 inches
Electronics on Canvas

Cast: ayah bdeir

Projects: Les Années Lumière
People: Ayah Bdeir
Research: Middle East, Open Lab
Tags: electronicsoncanvas, lebanon, Videos, middle east

Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, 2008

Eyebeam 2008 reel, edited by Eyebeam alum Gerry Juárez.

Cast: Rebecca Cittadini

From sewer-dwelling alligators to underground shantytowns and smuggling...
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