the two fish example

This is an example movie, showing how to use the arduino microcontroller and a bunch of sensors and buttons to create a real-time puppeteering performance with Moviesandbox.

If you like this example, please consider supporting Moviesandbox on Kickstarter here:​fLxdrX

A Tutorial on how to create your own bend-sensors can be found here:​id/​Neoprene-Bend-Sensor-IMPROVED/​

And thank you Jake, for helping!

Cast: Friedrich Kirschner

Tags: Videos

THV mainframe

super computer designed and built buy THUNDERHORSE @ EYEBEAM gallery NYC

Cast: Thunder Horse Video

Tags: Videos

Introductory Sound Art/Electronic Music

Video documentation of The Public School New York's Introduction to Sound Art/ Electronic Music class held at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, NYC.
The concert was a presentation of student works in progress, curated and installed by Jackson Moore. Video and audio is created by Taeyoon Choi.
For more information about the class.​class/​2732

Cast: Taeyoon Choi

Tags: Videos

Documentation of "Ein kleines Puppenspiel" at the CyNet Art in Dresden in November 2007. This was the first performance of the piece.
Thanks to the TMA Hellerau, Thomas Dumke and Anja Dietel for making this happen!

Performer - Ivana Kalc

virtual Camera and Editing - Bianca Bodmer

live Sound and Music - Sebastian Zangar

Director - Friedrich Kirschner

wearable Motioncapture suit - Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson

supported by -
TMA Hellerau
Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst Sachsen
Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology

Cast: Friedrich Kirschner and Bianca Bodmer

Tags: Videos

Kickstarter Project Info

A quick intro to Moviesandbox and why I would like to raise some money for it.
If want to support Moviesandbox, please go to:​fLxdrX

more info on moviesandbox can be found here:

Thanks for watching!

Cast: Friedrich Kirschner

Tags: Videos

Mary Mack 5000: Everyone can play it!

This is a video about Mary Mack 5000. This new video includes the vest that was developed to add to the immersive game experience as well as to add more sensors.

Cast: Kaho A

Projects: Mary Mack 5000
People: Kaho Abe
Tags: Videos

MovieSandbox Quick Intro

Creating a small animation in under 10 minutes.

Music by Kola Kid - "Cash Machine Go!"​members/​Kola+Kid/
licensed under Creative Commons

If you like moviesandbox, it's up for a Kickstarter right now at​fLxdrX !

Development started at my fellowship with Eyebeam Art+Technology Center in 2008.

Cast: Friedrich Kirschner



public intervention

Aram Bartholl

video: 4:06 min

Cast: aram bartholl

Tags: Videos

Are You Ready to Party?

Flash animation created by Eyebeam Student Resident Justine Neuberger, with support from her mentor, Eyebeam Fellow Jacob Ciocci

Cast: Eyebeam, Justine Neuberger

Tags: Videos
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