Slide show of stills taken at Eyebeam Open Studios Spring 2010 of Mary Mack 5000.

Cast: Kaho A

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I <3 Bushwick held by CAPITAL B at Chez Bushwick-
September 27th, 2009.

Cast: Spencer Brown

Tags: CAPITAL B, Bushwick and Pop Up Party

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A summary of the Post-Gravity Installation taking place at Eyebeam next week.

Cast: Spencer Brown


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Visualize Your Taxes

We wanted to create a visualization that would blend storytelling & exploration, giving users the opportunity to better understand the US federal budget using familiar visual metaphors.

Starting from your own perspective, set up your priorities, then explore the budget both from a global/personal perspective with stories.

Navigate through 3 different representations, focus on a specific year, account or overall period, interactively navigate in time, compare and get numerical details.

Source: The data is taken from
Credit: FFunction team: Sebastien Pierre, Audree Lapierre, Samantha Rideout, James McKinney

Cast: FFunction

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Reality Inspectors  ::  Theremin Assembly at EYEBEAM NYC

Alex Hornbake of The Reality Inspectors assembly a Moog theremin kit at EYEBEAM in NYC.

Cast: Sean McDonald

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lasersaur build at culturelab

for more information on the lasersaur project visit or

Cast: stefanix, pussykrew and Addie Wagenknecht

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the two fish example

This is an example movie, showing how to use the arduino microcontroller and a bunch of sensors and buttons to create a real-time puppeteering performance with Moviesandbox.

If you like this example, please consider supporting Moviesandbox on Kickstarter here:​fLxdrX

A Tutorial on how to create your own bend-sensors can be found here:​id/​Neoprene-Bend-Sensor-IMPROVED/​

And thank you Jake, for helping!

Cast: Friedrich Kirschner

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THV mainframe

super computer designed and built buy THUNDERHORSE @ EYEBEAM gallery NYC

Cast: Thunder Horse Video

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Introductory Sound Art/Electronic Music

Video documentation of The Public School New York's Introduction to Sound Art/ Electronic Music class held at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, NYC.
The concert was a presentation of student works in progress, curated and installed by Jackson Moore. Video and audio is created by Taeyoon Choi.
For more information about the class.​class/​2732

Cast: Taeyoon Choi

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