You Know Me By My Works

What Happened At Eyebeam Open Studios
What I Saw And Didn't Report
What Witnesses Saw Among The Other Participants
This Is What I Made From Avatar Flesh And Steel
Pure Energy Only I Interpreted
I Am The Master And The Slave
I Am The Alpha And The Omega
My Gift I Have Given To Eyebeam And The World
You Know Me By My Works


the reign

from a distance under azure skies,
azure turns, and you can hear the cries
of monstrous grommets of venom, leaf, and rose,
transforming culture into brickyard prose,
but here the blackness turns against the screen,
and one can only see what one has only seen,
the frame says all, what's inside's disappeared,
and in all likelihood, curtailed what one has feared,
that nothing states its name in noise and hurricane,
or if it does, one leaves, with nothing but the rain.

with Mark Skwarek, Azure Carter



(edited (edited computer computer video video from from Second Second Life
Life performance performance - - I one love of this the video, few one of
of mine the with few narrative) mine love with this narrative) video,

(Surrounding twisted (Surrounding installation twisted performance: both
both of these were were created created from Eyebeam open open
performance: studio footage)

(Inside Jackson Moore's (Inside brilliant Jackson Spacepod Moore's
multi-speaker brilliant array creates that the creates illusion illusion


painting, labor, performance

labor around second life: on-the-fly augmented reality, movement
improvisation in relation to images; 'accompaniment' with oud : : performances by Azure Carter,
Mark Skwarek, Alan Sondheim at Open Studios, Eyebeam

paint/Support-Surface in second life, day and night : : golden hour day
painting in Second Life with mesh, other modifications : golden hour night
ptg. in SL w/mesh + mods


Pompeii (the proper name, pompeii)

(virtual world work, philosophy, memory, sign)

video / thesis / name of the face
the face/body reconstitutes itself, dragging hermeneutics with it.
nothing remains but the rewryte of memory, continuous.
face/body neither dead nor alive, axed or picked or nubbed.
one hundred meters minimum, holding avatar by choreography,
or the gravitational pull of dance and tensor calculus.
because it generates from nothing, proceeds from annihilation,
unerased from previous aeons, themselves under erasure.
what human can never know, extent of space and time.
all bridges are broken to this image-land land-image,
which seems to insist on the human in the midst of substance.

image / thesis



Six new photos added -

Eyebeam is having Open Studios this Friday and Saturday - these
are some studies for the event - images will be projected, with
(occasional) performances -

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