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Thumbnail Marina Zurkow's Event Horizon opens in San Francisco

3 Dec 2015

Marina Zurkow's research-based work probes the psychological space of impending environmental hardship with equal parts alarm and wonder. The digital, sculptural, and print works on view represent nuanced attempts to understand the thing we call nature in the context of climate change. Our very survival within this complex, non-anthropocentric world is the greatest creative task we face....

Thumbnail Further Inversions: 'Inside/Out'

19 Nov 2015 - 20 Dec 2015

Lines don’t just separate; they also tie together the surfaces they split. This exhibition highlights five Eyebeam projects which probe at the porous boundary between the external and the internal, by examining how technologies make visible, audible or thinkable that which is normally hidden away inside.

Kenneth Kirschner + Joshue...

Thumbnail Variant: an audiovisual performance

3 Dec 2015

Composer Kenneth Kirschner and visualist Joshue Ott will premiere an audiovisual performance created with material from their Variant series of iOS apps, while surrounded by their installation for Inside/Out.

This installation brings together two instances of the app variant:...

Thumbnail Eccentric Engineering

13 Dec 2015


Panelists Tega Brain, Karolina Soebecka, Danja Vasiliev and Ramsey Nasser will discuss recent artistic experiments, exploring infrastructural space from eccentric and critical perspectives.