After School Atelier - Spring 2004

Event Type: 
programming series
Event Type: 
Event Type: 
youth program
Start Date: 
1 Jan 2004 - 31 May 2004
Programming Series: 
After School Atelier

ASA Spring 2004
The Spring 2004 class, entitled Recycling Media, was initially planned as an experiment in combining the processes of stop-motion animation with that of collage and video appropriation. Teaching Artist Andrew Lynn originally envisioned a single experimental documentary being the product of this class, but the course evolved according to the needs and wishes of the students, and instead produced several short ones. "I could not have planned a course to turn out such diverse projects as the ones produced here in the past weeks," stated Lynn. "The work seems to be a result of me letting go of some of the core ideas that were important to me at the outset and embracing the new ones that were brought to table by the student artists."

Student Projects:
The Life of Homosapiens in Their Natural Habitat
By Benjamin Huang & Eljun Eadie
In this mockumentary of everyday life, Eljun and Benjamin have edited video footage of people ‘going about their business’ to construct a clever and funny look at human activities.

The Best Shape of a Car
By Ruhul Ikram
Ruhul used a series of taped advertisements as footage for a re-edit of a commercial which juxtaposes shots of automobiles with fast-paced sports sequences. He was very interested the shapes of the cars themselves, but also in creating a separate piece that combined many of the ads he had collected without being an ad itself.

The Pieces of the Puzzle
By Gabriel Felts
In this piece, Gabe puts together a home-made puzzle created while experimenting with a scanner, photoshop, and music/voice recording. See stencils and original image on display.

By Leticia Cancel & Patricia Huerta
This is an animated story about war involving a town and a golden tree. Leticia and Patricia constructed an elaborate set from cardboard, legos, and clay, then shot all of the movements frame by frame using a digital frame-capture program.