Beta Launch '03

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12pm - 6pm

540 W. 21st St.

Beta Launch: Artists in Residence '03, the second annual exhibition of works from Eyebeam's Artists in Residence Program include performances, workshops, presentations, an on-line forum, wireless games and a live auction event. Exhibition will take place October 23 - December 13, 2003. Tues- Sat, 12-6pm at Eyebeam's Chelsea facility.

Beta Launch ’03 will consist of two consecutive exhibitions as well as the Beta Lounge. The BetaLounge is a space for continual interaction to complement the installations in the main gallery. Daytime programs in the BetaLounge will include: artist displays; computer stations to allow visitors to explore more about Eyebeam programs; Wi-Fi access; a book/video station; and a space for screenings, informal presentations, workshops and more.

Exhibition Part 1: October 23 - November 15

Golan Levin & Zachary Lieberman
Reynold Reynolds
Carolee Schneemann

Exhibition Part 2: November 19 – December 13 

Carlos Gomez de Llarena & Yury Gitman
Adam Frank and Zack Booth Simpson
Jacqueline Goss
Eunjung Hwang
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy
Dan O'Sullivan

BetaLounge: October 23 - December 13

Julian Bleecker
Carrie Dashow
Erika deVries
Nikita Pashenkov
Eric Reiffsteck
Mike Rosenthal
Rebekah Rutkoff
Marie Sester

Beta Launch ’03 is Eyebeam’s second exhibition of works produced by more than nineteen artists and arts collaboratives who participated in the annual residency program, in the Education, Emerging Fields and Moving Image divisions. Some works have also been produced as part of Eyebeam’s ongoing Research & Development program. The title of this show refers to the ongoing changes at Eyebeam, an organization that is continually investigating ways to best support work and research in the still fairly undefined sphere of art and technology. This second installment of Beta Launch asserts the mission of Eyebeam, to be not only a place of investigation for new art forms, but also a place that reflects upon the way these emerging forms should be presented and experienced. Hence the inauguration of the BetaLounge, a space that will foster access to work in new ways. While the work in the larger gallery is presented in a somewhat conventional fashion, the work in BetaLounge is distributed as screenings, performances or multimedia documentary accessed through computer stations. In addition to being a space of presentation, the BetaLounge offers a schedule of lectures and related programs, as well as wireless internet access and an area devoted to chatting and reading, with a selection of publications related to the exhibition and Eyebeam's activities.

This year’s Beta Launch presents a wide spectrum of work that blends art and technology. These works are often the result of a process that borrows equally from art and science at the junction of a lab and a studio. The Artist in Residence program at Eyebeam fosters the emergence of new forms that question the usual categories in the cultural sphere. While technology may be part of all projects on display, the purpose is not to celebrate technology itself. Rather, these works make use of digital technology to produce hybrids that blend more traditional art language with the ones of code, animation and sound. The results are performed installations that are activated by the visitor; multi-screen video presentations; a combination of installation, moving image, and/or live performance. Many of these works unfold in a multiplicity of complementary experiences; all reflect upon the ubiquity of computing and the way this is changing our perceived notion of what is art, and how technology challenges our assumptions.


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