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Why does a minor chord sound sad? Is there a formula for the perfect hit? Whistling, dancing, finger-snapping, and toe-tapping—what makes us do it? Find out when music and science join forces in an interactive bazaar of beats, sounds, and rhythm in the exhibition BIORHYTHM, created by the Science Gallery and presented at Eyebeam as part of the World Science Festival. Learn what drives sound manipulation and discover how different types of music evoke different emotions. Trace the power of an impactful pop hook in a song, measuring the way our brains and bodies react, down to the responses in our fingertips.

Included works: Binaural Head; Sonic Bed; Klangkapsel; Something for the Girl Who Has Everything; Optofonica Capsule; Theremin Inspector V2; Music, Emotion, Empathy; Heart ‘N’ Beat; Reactable; Contacts; Hear, Hear; Traffic; Instrumen; Body Snatcher; Chains of Emotion.


Opening Weekend Events:

6–9PM Friday, June 3 – OPENING RECEPTION
Featuring demonstrations by exhibiting artists Kaffe Matthews, Joan Healy, Reality Inspectors, and TeZ, and a live performance by exhibiting artist SARC in cooperation with guest musician Chesney Snow and The Stone Forest Ensemble.
Free with RSVP

Saturday, June 4


2-3PM Rhythms on the Brain: Music, Memory and Emotion
Discussion moderated by Joe Levy, Editor-in-Chief, MAXIM, and featuring neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux (NYU), Dave Katz (Sluggo) of the hit songwriting/producing duo S*A*M & SLUGGO, and John Leventhal, Grammy Award-winning musician, producer, and songwriter.
Free with RSVP


3-4:30PM Lego Data Viz with Reality Inspectors
Join the Reality Inspectors at this workshop where following a discussion on their work Theremin Inspector V2, an interactive exhibit in BIORHYTHM which visualises the electromagnetic energy around you as you play a theremin. The Reality Inspectors will take you through a guided design process using legos to create a hands on visualization of real data from the workshop space.
Free with RSVP

4-6PM Create your own Sonic Bed track with Kaffe Matthews
Kaffe Matthews will lead participants in a workshop where they will learn how to create their own track on her Sonic Bed. The workshop will introduce participants to software and tools for composing a unique track using the 12 channel sound system on which the bed is based. They can begin this process in the workshop, and can adapt what they create over time and over the duration of the show. Knowledge of Max/MSP required.
Free with RSVP

More information on Biorhythm and World Science Festival events:

BIORHYTHYM is made possible through the generous support of Imagine Ireland, an initiative of Culture Ireland, and the Cordover Family Foundation. BIORHYTHM is created by Science Gallery and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Opening weekend events have been organized as part of, and in cooperation with, World Science Festival.

Projects: Binaural Head, Body Snatcher, Chains of Emotion, Hear, Heart ‘N’ Beat, InstruMen, Klangkapsel, Music, Optofonica Capsule, Reactable, Something for the Girl Who Has Everything, Sonic Bed, The Theremin Inspectors
People: Alex Dowling & Sinead Meaney, David HandfordHertogNadlerJavier JaimovichKaffe MatthewsNiall Coghlan, Papermen, Reactable Systems, Reality Inspectors, Satoshi Morita, Scenocosme
Tags: biorhythm, sound

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