Bookstore: Fair Exchange

Eyebeam will host an opening reception on March 29th at 6PM.

Hours: 12-6PM
Cost: Free

How much can we share and how much can we ask from audience? “Fair Exchange,” featuring work by David Horvitz and Kyle McDonald, questions the systems of knowledge production and human interaction with machines in the public space. For the duration of the exhibition the Eyebeam Bookstore will present editions and publications by the artists. A schedule of related performances is available at  the project website.

“Fair Exchange” is curated by Eyebeam Fellow Taeyoon Choi as part of his initiative New Normal Business.

David Horvitz creates instructions for participation that utilize the Internet as a space of exchange. In November of 2011, he staged ‘life drawing’ sessions at Occupy Wall Street in collaboration with Adam Katz.

Kyle McDonald creates software for interactive experience. His project ‘People Staring at Computers’ was installed at Apple stores in NYC and took photographs of shoppers gazing at the screen.

People: David Horvitz, Kyle McDonaldTaeyoon Choi