CT-SWaM: The Last Picnic (Goodbye Chelsea.)

On Monday, June 23 CT-SWaM (curated by alum Daniel Neumann) will be holding the last public event at Eyebeam’s Chelsea location. This will be the goodbye to this magnificent space in form of a picnic accompanied by various composed and spontaneous tribute performances. The evening will feature a unique ensemble piece by Andrew Lafkas with Marcia Basset, Barry Weisblat, Leif Sundstrom, Rick Brown, Patrick Holmes, Tucker Dulin, Che Chen, Karen Waltuch, Kenny Wang, Andrew Lafkas, Gill Arno, Wolfgang Gil, Daniel Neumann and Ben Owen.

Other solo performers include: Mario de Vega, Hans Tammen, Dafna Naptali, Carver Audain and many more

Please bring food and blankets if you can. We’ll provide some blankets and drinks for sure.

And let us know, if you also want to give a tribute yourself: [email protected]


Hours: 6PM , until…
Cost: Free

Andrew Lafkas: Untitled
This new piece was composed specifically for this group of musicians to perform at Eyebeam. Like other ensemble works I organize this piece uses predetermined elements to facilitate group intuition. Through the rehearsal process I have started feeling these written elements functioning more and more as possibility generators illustrating the ability of parameters to both limit and expand simultaneously.

Marcia Basset – electric guitar

Barry Weisblat – electronics

Leif Sundstrom – cymbal

Rick Brown – cymbal

Patrick Holmes – clarinet

Tucker Dulin – trombone

Che Chen – violin, bass recorder

Karen Waltuch – viola

Kenny Wang – viola

Andrew Lafkas – bass

Gill Arno – microphone/recording device

Wolfgang Gil – microphone/recording device

Daniel Neumann – microphone/recording device

Ben Owen – microphone/recording device

CT-SWaM (Contemporary Temporary Sound Works And Music) is Eyebeam’s late night concert series curated by Eyebeam Alumni Daniel Neumann, happening intermittently in Eyebeam’s Main Space. The series focuses on contemporary sound experiments, electro-acoustic multi-channel performance, social-sonic relations, improvisation, lowercase artistic presence, and topology – study of place/space with a spatial concept that goes beyond linear, geometrical understandings of space.


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