Digital Day Camp 2009

Digital Day Camp 2009 students engage in lectures and hands-on workshops focusing on art and technology tools, careers in the field, and relevant social and artistic topics. Through their investigations, they will have the opportunity to research current themes in arts and technology, and develop their own project in response to what they discover.

Final projects are promoted through Eyebeam’s website, and through a final public event on Tuesday, July 28, from 6–8pm on 19th St between 10th and 11th Ave, beneath the Highline.

This summer’s theme focused on creative activism in an urban environment. Students worked with urban planners, software designers, activists, video artists, and even a couple of activist gardeners to dig a little deeper into the fabric of our city, to learn more about how can creatively activate it, and how we can use art and technology to change it for the better. Each student has been selected for their special talents as visual artists, writers, musicians, dancers, or performers to contribute to a final project.

Check out the DDC09 blog here

Participating Artist Teachers:
Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley
: Eyebeam Residents
Ava Bromberg
: College of Tactical Culture
Jon Cohrs
: Eyebeam Resident
Sarah Cook
: CRUMB member and Eyebeam Curatorial Partner
Jeff Crouse
: Eyebeam Senior Fellow
Christina Kral
: Eyebeam Alum
Di Mainstone
: Eyebeam Resident
Daniel Perlin
: Eyebeam Teaching Artist
Adriana Young: Artist; Research Director, Capital B
Student Participants:
Zoe Penina Baker
Caroline Spivack
Brittany Winjham
Lily B. Lasovick
Fernando Reyes Duran
Usman Muyeeb
Natique Allen
Siena Larris
Jade Highleyman
Evonny Escoto
Luther Cherry
Mayte Burgoa
Luis Perez
Spencer Brown
Brandi Edwards