Eyebeam Roadshow Chicago 2009

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programming series
Event Type: 
Start Date: 
31 Mar 2009 - 4 Apr 2009
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Location: Chicago and Urbana/Champaign
Cost: Free


The Eyebeam Road Show continues! This time in Chicago and Urbana/Champaign at Columbia College and the University of Illinois.

Check out the schedule events and participants here: http://roadshow.eyebeam.org/schedule.html

Eyebeam Roadshow Workshops

ERS 101 - Inspiring an Online Workforce

Steve Lambert and Jeff Crouse will talk about their experiences working with strangers on the Internet to accomplish specific tasks. Hands-on activities may include 1) starting a Google Code/Sourceforge project 2) using the online labor market (Mechanical Turk) 3) making friends you never knew you had through online collaboration.

Instructors: Steve Lambert and Jeff Crouse

Facility Requirements: computer lab or BYOLaptop

ERS 102 - Dirt Style

Steve Lambert and Jeff Crouse will teach you to eschew flashy modern design tools in favor of a rougher, simpler aesthetic sensibility known as Dirt Style. Hands-on activities will include 1) making kick-ass animated GIFs; 2) re-learning HTML tags you thought were dead and buried; 3) exploring the myriad uses of explosions in video editing, web design, presentations, and just about anything else you can think of.

Instructors: Jeff Crouse

Facility Requirements: computer lab or BYOLaptop

ERS 103 - Shopdropping

Learn how to reverse shoplift your artwork into stores with Steve Lambert, a former undercover investigator. Plus, how to be a superhero.

Instructors: Steve Lambert

Facility Requirements: computer lab or BYOLaptop

ERS 104 - Lecture: Creating a Self-Organizing Community

Yael Kanarek will discuss the in & outs of developing a community focused on a common interest or goal. As a case study, she will talk about Upgrade! - a network of over 20 nodes nationally and internationally, concerned with culture and technology. She'll review the history of network that started in a 1999 meeting in an East Village to the third international gathering in Skopje, Macedonia. Yael will discuss the challenges of growing a network and maintaining is essential principles. Instructors: Yael Kanarek Facility Requirements: none

ERS 105 - Drawing using analog and digital tools

Think you can't draw because you don't easily create photo-realistic graphite sketches on the first try? Don't worry, in real life drawing isn't a closed-book test. You can use your notes, you can copy from other people, you can use tools, you can even trace! (Gasp!) And Steve Lambert is going to show you how. Based on the Instructable Drawing for Non-Majors – but in person!

Instructor: Steve Lambert

Facility Requirements: BYOLaptop or computer lab with Adobe suite, pencil, paper, lightbox

ERS 106 - Urban Exploration and Prospecting

Learn how to navigate through wild urban spaces, abandoned buildings, and how to get rich off industrial waste and pollution. In the process we'll redefine wilderness, and get your nature on. Led by an alaskan wilderness guide and urban skeptic.

Instructor: Jon Cors

Requirements: nearby metropolitan area

ERS 201 - Clean Style

Learn to quickly make websites that are easy to navigate and well designed. Clean Style is not flashy, and is written in bulletproof search-engine-friendly XHTML/CSS. Part of this workshop will be focused on designing in Illustrator, and part of it will be on using the Google Blueprint CSS framework to quickly code your page. Steve Lambert will teach you how to get your work online quickly and easily using the latest and greatest in online content management systems. We will also discuss the importance of sharing work online and the history of shared knowledge as the basis of our civilization.

Instructor: Michael Mandiberg

Facility Requirements: computer lab or BYOLaptop with Adobe suite

Prerequisites: Some experience with HTML & CSS, Illustrator

ERS 202 - Inspiring an Online Workforce II

Michael Mandiberg will talk about his experience working with programmers found on freelancer websites such as Rent-A-Coder. Maybe you have more project ideas than you can finish. Maybe you want to do a project but don't have programming skills. We will walk you through case studies in how to write up artist projects as functional specifications, and how to follow through and manage a remote programmer. Participants will leave with a functional specification / request for a proposal to be posted online.

Instructor: Michael Mandiberg

Requirements: computer lab or BYOLaptop Prerequisites: participants are encouraged to bring project ideas to the workshop

ERS 203 Technology as Identity

What is the relationship between technology and identity? How do the technologies we employ and consume — technologies of activism, surveillance, sexuality, and sustainability — subconsciously expose us and highlight the contrasts between cultures? Ayah Bdeir will be leading a workshop and discussion about how our identity, ethnicity, and cultural footprint are reflected through our technology. We will be watching some snippets of movies, reading some articles and looking at a survey of contemporary art work dealing with identity.

Instructor: Ayah Bdeir

Requirements: computer lab or BYOLaptop

Prerequisites: none

ERS 301 - Firefox Plugins and Greasemonkey: Switching this for that

Michael Mandiberg and Steve Lambert will teach you how to do things to web pages after they load. For example replacing dollars with barrels of oil (http://oilstandard.org), ads with art (http://add-art.org), or, say, every mention of Eddie Van Halen with a picture of him flying through the air.

Instructor: Michael Mandiberg

Facility Requirements: computer lab or BYOLaptop

Prerequisites: Javascript or other language experience helpful, but not necessary

ERS 302 - Screen Scraping

Data visualization and web mash-up have become important methods of expression in the web-art world. But how do you access the data that you want to mash-up or visualize? In this workshop, students will learn how to work with web APIs such as Flickr, Facebook, and Delicious, as well as a slightly less legitimate method of re-purposing online data called Screen Scraping.

Instructor: Jeff Crouse

Facility Requirements: computer lab or BYOLaptop

ERS 303 - Introduction to OpenFrameworks

OpenFrameworks is a C++ library for creative coding created by Eyebeam R&D fellow, Zachary Lieberman (who, unfortunately, couldn't make it to the show) and Theo Watson. It has been used by artists such as Golan Levin, the Graffiti Research Lab, and Jonathan Harris, and is excellent for everything from sound synthesis to computer vision to 3D to physical computing projects. It has a very active and growing community of users and contributors and is quickly moving towards a 1.0 release. For more information about the library, check out http://www.openframeworks.cc/ and http://www.openframeworks.cc/documentation

Instructor: Jeff Crouse

Requirements: computer lab with either XCode, Visual Studio, or CodeBlocks

Prerequisites: some knowledge of C++, Java, or Processing

ERS 304 - Making something super

How do you create an art piece using technology? What's an arduino, why are infrared sensors used, how do you make something move? Ayah Bdeir will be leading a workshop where we take participant's ideas and develop them from idea to sketch to design to buying parts to reality. We will be looking at projects from wearable computing, interactive art, kinetic sculptures, robotic furniture, and discuss how they were made, and how to learn from them. Participants will then propose ideas for projects, and we will critique them and discussing old and new tools, machines and technologies that will help the participants making their projects happen.

Instructor: Ayah Bdeir

Facility Requirements: workshop area or studio

Prerequisites: participants are encouraged to bring project ideas to the workshop

ERS 305 - Your First iPhone App

The Apple iPhone scooped up 11.6% of the smartphone market since it's introduction - that's 2.3 million US mobile subscribers. In the first 60 days of the App Store, 100 million apps were sold. It would just be ridiculous not to get in on this frighteningly high adoption rate, right? In this workshop, we will learn how to make iPhone apps using MobileFrameworks, an openFrameworks-based starter kit for iPhone. We will learn how to access the accelerometer and draw and animate on the screen. If we are lucky, we will even get a chance to transfer one of our creations to an actual iPhone.

Instructor: Jeff Crouse

Facility Requirements: computer lab with XCode

Prerequisites: some knowledge of C++, Java, or Processing