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programming series
Event Type: 
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29 Apr 2004
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Featured curator, Carlos Gutierrez of Cinema Topical and Esto es TECH-MEX, presents GEN MEX, an evening of experimental video works that capture the changing landscape of today’s Mexico. Recently, Mexican cinema has experienced an exciting comeback with such critical and box-office successes as Amores Perros and Y Tu Mamá también. Yet, beyond the spotlight, there exists a vibrant video art scene that very few people are aware of which may prove to be even more challenging and dynamic than narrative cinema. Artists from around the country are exploring new ways of linking their own aesthetic interests to current political, social, sexual and national identity issues. The video art form, being accessible and low-cost, has lent itself to interesting experimentation and collaborations, as well as fostering a spirit of aesthetic independence among artists of diverse backgrounds.

Following the GEN MEX screening there will be a live trans-continetal sound perfromance by the electronica duo "Los Nukiis,” with Angel Nevarez performing in New York and Alex Rivera in Los Angeles. "Los Nukiis" traverse the sonic trans-border landscape with their own blend of electro-cumbia and breakbeat banda in pure sonic fusion.

GEN MEX Screening Schedule:

Domingo de Fútbol /Football Sunday
Alfredo Salomón (México, 1:18 min.)
Thoughts on football, tv and culture.

Ensalada de Nopal / Cactus Salad
Isabel Rojas (Mexico, 2003, 4:30 min.)
The force that transforms is not the action itself but the way in which it’s executed. Hands and thorns. A direct contact and the intention of transforming.

A Christmas Song
Ricardo Nicolayevsky (Mexico, 2002, 3:51 min.)
A tableau inspired by "The Christmas Song," interpreted by Tony Bennett. A Christmas gift, full of tenderness, humor and magic. Some perversity too! It also serves as a didactic tool to teach English during the holidays.

Roberto López (Mexico, 2003, 3:30 min.)
The lies’ TV show can’t hide the inevitable truths. Who will be the next nominated contestant?

El Gusanito / The Little Worm
Sharon Toribio (Mexico, 2002, 3 min.)
A little girl insists on calling radio stations for them to play her little worm’s song, because she has a friend that is a little worm.

Bruno Varela (Mexico, 2002, 4 min.)
The world is controlled off screen. A control remote creates your perception, as if a software was installed and it would let us decipher the contexts.

The Big Whack
Ricardo Nicolayevsky (Mexico, 2002, 2:20 min.)
Combines found footage with own images in a violent manner and at a great speed. Parody of the saturation of images, generated by our contemporary society.

Flor Mujer
Carlos Sánchez (Mexico, 2003, 3 min.)
The transformation of a documentary video on the flower feast in Juchitán de Zaragoza to a video projection using the same material.

Ruta Soledad
Damián López (Mexico, 2003, 4:10 min.)
The tracing of a personal cartography between the creation of abstract worlds and the everyday contexts.

El Príncipe Azul / Prince Charm
Paulina del Paso (Mexico, 2000, 3 min.)
The tale of Prince Charm.

Chelas y pañuelos / Beers and Hankies
Julia Barco (Mexico, 2001, 4:15 min.)
The hare jumps out where you’d least expect it; eroticism in a traditional fiesta.

Sin título / Untitled
David Martínez (Mexico, 2002, 4:17 min.)
The knots of the heart.

Héctor Falcón (Mexico, 2001, 3:50 min.)
Self-portrait with geographical location.

Los Rights
Alfredo Salomón (Mexico, 1:47 min.)
A free interpretation of civil rights.

Revoilusión / Revoillusion
Neyeri Avalos (Mexico/Cuba, 2003, 13:15 min.)
Revolution within my body and the soul of the people… A standstill illusion, a critic, a wound.

GEN MEX is made possible with the generous support of New York Post and NYP Tempowith refreshments courtesy of Johnnie Walker Black and Heineken.

Projects: A Christmas Song, BBB, Chelas y pañuelos / Beers and Hankies, Domingo de Fútbol /Football Sunday, El Gusanito / The Little Worm, El Príncipe Azul / Prince Charm, Ensalada de Nopal / Cactus Salad, Flor Mujer, Los Rights, Reconocimientos, Revoilusión / Revoillusion, Ruta Soledad, Sin título / Untitled, The Big Whack, Walkman
People: Alfredo Salomón, Bruno Varela, Carlos Gutierrez, Carlos Sánchez, Damián López, David Martínez, Héctor Falcón, Isabel Rojas, Julia Barco, Neyeri Avalos, Paulina del Paso, Ricardo Nicolayevsky, Roberto López, Sharon Toribio
Research: Moving Image Studio