Girls Eye View (GEV) 2010

Event Type: 
youth program
Private Partnership with Good Shepherd
Programming Series: 
Girls Eye View

This year's Girls Eye View program, features a new collaboration with young women from Euphrasian Residence, a Good Shepherd Services' residential program.

Youth participants collaborated with artist and Eyebeam Alum Tali Hinkis (LoVid) in an eight-week program where they drew on personal topics and themes explored during their time spent at Euphraisan Residence; such as safety, emotion, loss, and future. These words were a starting point for creating short animations reflecting a personal definition of a word. This process helped the youth integrate the meaning of the words derived from the Sanctuary Model, into their lives and relationships with themselves and their community.

Documentation from Girls Eye View 2010

People: Tali Hinkis
Research: Education
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