Girls Eye View Spring 2006

Event Type: 
Event Type: 
youth program
Start Date: 
1 Jan 2006 - 31 May 2006
Girls in action with the Stencil and Street Art Class
Programming Series: 
Girls Eye View

GEV Spring 2006

Teaching Artist: Franziska Lamprecht

Stencil and Street Art Class:
“Positive and Negative Space” will be a forum to test the power and possibilities that can come with a specific shape cut out of a thin sheet of plastic or cardboard – a stencil. In a hands-on atmosphere that stimulates curiosity and encourages experimentation, participants will learn different techniques to create and apply stencils on T-Shirts, bags, their skin, posters, and the street. They will research and learn about the history, influences and current uses of stencils (including street art, fine art, etc.). To extend the experience in the fabrication of stencils, students will have the opportunity to work with our laser cutter.

About the artist:
Franziska Lamprecht is a Brooklyn based artist and part of “eteam”, a two artist collaborative that investigates conceptual possibilities and practical improvements in public spaces and private territories. “eteam” installations and performances have been shown at museums and galleries including PS1(NYC), EYEBEAM (NYC), MUMOK (Vienna), Momenta Art (Brooklyn), New Museum (NYC) and Neues Museum (Weimar). Videos by the eteam have been screened at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Pacific Film Archive, 11th Biennial of Moving Images, Centre pour l'Image Contemporaine, Geneva , Transmediale Berlin, TIDF Taiwan and at the New York Video Festival. They have been awarded a Henry Moore Foundation Project Grant, an EYEBEAM Production Grant and the Marion Ermer Preis 2004. In 2005 they have been selected for the New Commissions Program at Art in General, NY and the Longwood Arts Project Digital Matrix Commissions Program (NY).

Teaching Artist: Michelle Nagai

Sound Walk:
The focus is to generate interest in the urban soundscape by having students help build and participate in an on-line, multi-media sound, ecology and culture mapping project, "City in a Soundwalk" (CIAS). We will use CIAS to teach the basic practice of soundwalking and encourage participants to explore a more involved, responsible relationship with their sonic environment. The course will rely on free or low-cost tools for multi-media content creation and collaborative on-line community development.

Week One: Getting to know the CIAS project and how the GEV class can contribute. Learn about and go out on soundwalks. Explore some of the myriad ways of documenting listening experience (i.e. field recording, journaling, Deep Listening, movement, sound improvisation etc). Field work in the neighborhood surrounding Eyebeam.

Week Two: Refining the soundwalk route. Getting specific about what the class will focus on for their contribution to CIAS. Assignment of roles (map maker, programmer, recordist, interviewer etc) and collection of information in the field.

Week Three: Final information


About the Artist: Composer and artist Michelle Nagai uses conceptual, physical and sonic elements to create site-specific performances and installations as well as compositions for radio broadcast and CD. These works address listening, perception and the human state in relationship to its setting. Her work has been presented throughout the US, Europe and Canada and has been supported by the American Composers Forum, Harvestworks, the Jerome and McKnight Foundations, Meet the Composer and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is also affiliated with the Brooklyn-based transmission arts collective free103point9.

Active as an educator and sound ecologist, Michelle has facilitated workshops, talks and events for adults, high school and college age students in soundwalking and listening practices, multimedia performance, improvisation and costume design. She is a founding member of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology (ASAE) and holds a teaching certificate in Deep Listening from the Deep Listening Institute. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1974 and transplanted to New England in the blizzard of 1978, Michelle Nagai currently makes her home in Brooklyn, New York.

Please stayed tuned for for more information on student projects and presentations in May/June 2006.