Interactivos?@Eyebeam: Double Take

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Event Type: 
programming series
Event Type: 
Start Date: 
12 Jul 2008 - 9 Aug 2008
Programming Series: 
Digital Day Camp
Programming Series: 
Summer School
Partner Organizations: 
Media Lab Prado

Double Take was an exhibition that showcased the interactive projects that resulted from an intensive two week program of workshops and seminars, Interactivos?@Eyebeam: Better than the real thing. All the works played with the idea of reality, disbelief and the illusions we experience in our technologically mediated lives. Double Take was curated in collaboration with Sarah Cook, Eyebeam's visiting curatorial fellow.

Presentation of the artists' projects took place on Saturday, July 12, 2009. Projects created by student artists from Digital Day Camp were added to the exhibition, and launched with a reception on July 29.

Participating Artists:

Justin Downs and Rucyl Mills (New York)
Alex Kurina (Toronto)
Miseong Lee (Seoul)
Ai-Chen Lin (New York)
Andrew Mahon (New York)
Hye Yeon Nam (New York)
Artemis Papageorgiou (London)
Tine Papendick (Berlin)
Daniel Wilcox aka Danomatika (Hunstville, AL)

For more information about the participating artists and projects from Interactivos?@Eyebeam:


About Interactivos?

Interactivos? is a hybrid workshop, exhibition and seminar that was initiated by the Medialab-Prado program and the Madrid City Council in 2006. In 2008, Eyebeam joined Medialab-Prado in running Interactivos? as part of its summer programming. Eyebeam selected nine projects (a mix of hardware tinkering, software coding and conceptual hacking) for collective development over the course of an onsite two-week workshop titled Better than the Real Thing, June 26 – July 12, 2008. The selected projects investigated interactivity within the context of this year’s Interactivos? theme: the blurry line between the real and the fake. Visitors were welcome to take part in the discussions, critiques of the works-in-progress, and other social activities that took place at Eyebeam during this time.

On July 12 – August 9, 2008, Eyebeam showcased the workshop’s interactive projects in an exhibition on reality, disbelief and the illusions we experience in our technologically mediated lives entitled Double Take. Interactivos?@Eyebeam was organized by Eyebeam staff members Liz Slagus and Paul Amitai, in conjunction with OpenLab Fellow Zachary Lieberman and Medialab-Prado.

Interactivos?@Eyebeam flickr Group Pool

Projects: Digital Puppetry, digitallyFit, Dinner Party, I Believe In..., soundMetal, Through Time Tunnel, UnRealityVRC, Watch What You Are, Wii/nd Chime
People: Ai-Chen Lin, Alex Kurina, andrew mahon, Artemis Papageorgiou, Daniel Wilcox, Friedrich Kirschner, Hye Yeon Nam, Justin Downs, Liz Slagus, Miseong Lee, Paul Amitai, Rucyl Mills, Sarah Cook, Taeyoon Choi, Tine Papendick, Zachary Lieberman
Tags: Double Take, Exhibitions, Interactivos, summer school
Partner Organizations: Media Lab Prado