Hours: 9PM – 2AM

NYC’s #1 art party is back! Eyebeam’s warehouse space comes alive with the audience becoming an integral part of the performance

MIXER: VERSION: Eyebeam presents a remix-inspired spectacular with an iPod rock stage, mobile soundsystem, and a cutting-edge karaoke room among many other delights.

About Mixer
MIXER, Eyebeam’s quarterly event series dedicated to showcasing leading artists in the fields of live audiovisual performance, interactive and participatory art, returned on Tuesday, June 16 and Saturday, June 20, 2009. The event, dubbed MIXER: VERSION, explored various forms of culture hacking—from software and hardware, to media content and infrastructure.

MIXER: VERSION took its inspiration in part from the creative approaches of dub reggae music in which an original music recording is remixed by various producers, creating new versions that still reference the original. Within this creative exchange between producers there exists both a competitive spirit and a sense of shared culture.

At MIXER: VERSION, the competition and collaboration took place between the artists and audience through the artwork. Participants could jam on the “rock stage” with hacked iPods, sing ridiculous computer-generated lyrics in the Fever Karaoke room, or produce their own hot audiovisual mixes on the mobile Sansystem. All of that creative magic got mixed together by our own crack DJs and VJs, so at any given time you might be providing the entertainment for everyone at the party!

Participating Artists
Environment design: fluxxlab with Brian Osborn |
Video wizardry: Benton-C Bainbridge |
Audio mixologist: DJ N-Ron |
Fever Karaoke: Fever Creative |
The World Series of ‘Tubing: Aaron Meyers & Jeff Crouse |
Hack Your Face: LoVid |
TV Hijack: OMG I’m On (dot) TV |
Causal Encounters: Intake Manifold | 
Sansystem: Art Jones |
The Eyebeam Windowfarm: Britta Riley & Rebecca Bray |
FIVE: Rashaad Newsome |

Tuesday night DJ set: DJ N-Ron
Saturday night DJ sets: DJ N-Ron, with Geko Jones & Uproot Andy (DUTTY ARTZ) and Kid Kameleon (Surya Dub)

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Projects: OMG I’m on .TV, Reware, Window Farms, World Series of ‘Tubing
People: Aaron MeyersArt JonesBenton-C Bainbridge, Brian OsbornDaniel PerlinDavid JimisonFever Creative, Fluxxlab, Geko Jones, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Intake Manifold, Jeff CrouseJon CohrsKid KameleonLoVidRashaad Newsome, Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley, Uproot Andy
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