Mozilla Maker Party: Moving <img> Storytelling

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youth program

July 15-19, 10am-3pm
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For all teens, ages 13-19

Eyebeam is teaming up with Mozilla to bring you Moving <img> Storytelling -- a workshop for teens that explores animation, GIFs, and storyboarding!

- Create your own comic strip or animated film using open-source technology.
- Learn how to make GIFs with special effects.
- Discover the new Meemoo platform, which enables instant app-hacking right in your browser.

GIFs are animated images that work in all web browers. Participants will learn how to create them, and experiment with moving-image techniques such as stop-motion animation (frame-by-frame movement), rotoscoping (image tracing), and pixilation (stop-motion with live actors). Experiment with special types of GIFs including cinegraphs (animations with partial movement) and wiggles (pseudo-3D images).

Participants should plan on attending each day of the workshop. The week will conclude with a pizza party and demonstration of everyone's work. Bring your parents and friends!

Moving <img> Storytelling is part of Mozilla's Maker Party -- a worldwide celebration of all the amazing things we can make and do with the web. There are hundreds of events with thousands of participants, taking place June 15 - September 15. Join in the fun at Eyebeam -- it's free and fun way to join the Eyebeam/Mozilla community!

Moving <img> Storytelling will be led by Forrest Oliphant and Aino Riiho. Forrest is Eyebeam's Mozilla Open(Art) Fellow. He is a new media artist living in Helsinki, and a recent graduate from Media Lab Helsinki. Aino is a textile artist, specializing in sustainable design with recycled materials. 

Learn more about Forrest and Meemoo at Eyebeam's Open(Art) page.

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