Reagan Babies: Born In the USA

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22 Jul 2004
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Reagan Babies: Born In the USA looks at experimental and underground filmmakers who've recently come of age in the United States. Reagan Babies investigates the esthetics that arise when ADD plus CNN is your generation’s LSD. Curated by Ed Halter, this selection of made-in-America videos from the 11th New York Underground Film Festival (plus a few new surprises) features works by Cory Arcangel, Seth Price, Kent Lambert, Bryan Boyce, Treewave, Takeshi Murata and others.

In an empire defined by celebrity leaders, videotape memories, personal technology, electronic terrorism, multi-channel overload and digital social lives, Reagan Babies are those for whom workfare and warfare have become downloadable games and history represents a bunch of files cluttering the desktop.

Following the screening, LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus) will whip ordinary TV feeds up into hyperkinetic audiovisual abstractions using homemade electronic devices, repurposed analog toys, and low-res video loops in a frenzy of post-consumer creative destruction.

Reagan Babies: Born in the USA will start promptly at 8:00pm.
Screening schedule:

A Christmas Song
Ricardo Nicolayevsky (Mexico, 2002, 3:51 min.)

Tar Pit
Takeshi Murata (2004, loop onscreen before show)

30 Seconds Hate
Bryan Boyce (2004, 0:30 min.)

Strained Andromeda Strain
Les LeVeque (2002, 6.54 min.)

Strategic Cyber Defense
Dara Greenwald (2003, 4.15 min.)

Cory Arcangel & Frankie Martin (2004, 2.30 min.)

Decision 80
Jim Finn (2003, 10.00 min.)

My Minute Beats Your Year
Devin Flynn / Pixel Tan (2003, 3:00 min.)

5 Video Hits
Kent Lambert (2004, 6:40 min.)

Proposal for New Video Transition: “Holes”
Seth Price (2003-2004, 7:30 min.)

Treewave / Paul Slocum (2004, 3:30 min.)

Kent Lambert (2003, 4:15 min.)

Decay Hatching
LoVid (2003, 1:40 min.)

LoVid (2003, 4:00 min.)

LoVid (2003, 2:10 min.)

The Light
Brian Doyle (2003, 10:00 min.)

Melter 2
Takeshi Murata / Space Machine (2003, 3:00 min.)

9:15-9:45 LoVid live video set
9:45-10:30 Reception

Support for Panorama Reagan Babies: Born In The USA is provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Projects: 30 Seconds Hate, 5 Video Hits, A Christmas Song, Combat, Cyclope, Decay Hatching, Decision 80, Gajin, Melter 2, My Minute Beats Your Year, private_eyez.mid, Proposal for New Video Transition: “Holes”, Strained Andromeda Strain, Strategic Cyber Defense, Susquehanna, Tar Pit, The Light
People: Brian Doyle, Bryan Boyce, Cory Arcangel & Frankie Martin, Dara Greenwald, Devin Flynn / Pixel Tan, Ed Halter, Jim Finn, Kent Lambert, Les LeVeque, LoVid, Ricardo Nicolayevsky, Seth Price, Takeshi Murata, Takeshi Murata / Space Machine, Treewave / Paul Slocum
Research: Moving Image Studio