Reboot Your Senses: Colors, Perception, Games and the Brain

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9 Jun 2005
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Please join us for a panel discussion on synesthesia in conjunction with the exhibition What Sound Does A Color Make?. viewing and reception for the exhibition

5:30-6:30—Reception & Viewing of What Sound Does A Color Make?
6:30-8:30—Panel Discussion & Questions

Panelists include:
Patricia Duffy, synaesthete and author of Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens: How Synaesthetes Color Their World

Dr. Lawrence Marks, Director John B. Pierce Laboratory, Yale University

Dr. Eugenie Shinkle, game theorist of Sega’s Rez/K-Project Lecturer in Photographic Theory and Criticism, University of Westminster

Moderator Mary McGuinness, journalist/partner, Sputnik Inc.

Featuring digital interviews provided by Sputnik Inc., with:
*Richard E. Cytowic, MD, neurologist
*Hinderk Emrich, psychiatrist, University of Hanover Medical School

Synaesthesia--literally "joined sensation" --a synchronicity of senses--is one of the oldest phenomena known to neurology. For those with synaesthesia vision may be conjoined with sound, the touch of a texture may generate a taste. The brain is like the walls of an old house, filled with disused wiring from earlier days: imagine if those lines were all left live and uncapped so that a great cross-wired mass of electrical impulses poured in. Synaesthesia is the neurological equivalent of switching on the kitchen lights and simultaneously setting off the blender.
from Paul Collins, Not Even Wrong… (Bloomsbury, USA, 2004)

People: Eugenie Shinkle, Patricia Duffy, Lawrence Marks, Mary McGuinness
Tags: perception, panel, event, cognition