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ROBOT featured a four-day festival featuring a robotic talent show, exhibition, workshops, presentations, party and massage parlor. The four-day event examined current applications of robotic technologies on creative practices, activism, consumerism and physical intimacy. Eyebeam concluded the event July 15 with a party from 6-10pm featuring music by DJ-I ROBOT, the first random-access, fully analog robotic DJ. All events are open to the public free of charge with a suggested donation.

Tickle Salon - Eyebeam is pleased to host the U.S. premiere of the Tickle Salon at ROBOT. The Tickle Salon, by Dutch artists Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen, is a robotic installation based on the concept of automated stroking. The massaging machine is designed to stroke with indefatigable attention and subtleness, uniting the artists' interests in "meta creativity, biology and artificial intelligence, and of course the pleasure of being stroked." The Tickle Salon was in operation throughout the run of ROBOT and attendees were able to enjoy a private massage on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Saturday and Sunday, July 12 - 13
12-6 pm Tickle Salon
12-6 pm Artbots

ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show
Featuring the work of 23 artists and groups from six countries, the show combined aspects of both a juried art exhibition and a traditional talent show. Participants include robots that draw, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, and play musical instruments, as well as many with talents that are a bit harder to pin down; you might call them robotic sculpture or even cybernetic performance artists! In keeping with the "Robot Talent Show" theme, attendees were invited to vote for their favorite ArtBot. Two awards were presented at the end of the show: The Audience Choice Award and The Robot's Choice Award (artists vote for their favorite ArtBots). Artbots is curated and produced by Douglas Repetto, Philip Galanter, and Jenny Lee. For more information on Artbots and a list of participating artists and their projects please visit http://www.artbots.org/2003.
Monday, July 14
12-6pm - Tickle Salon and exhibition on view
6-8pm - Robot workshops

Mindstorms Workshop
This workshop, intended for ages 12 and up, taught participants of all ages how to build and program their own robots using LEGO Mindstorms (small computers with programmable behaviors) in order to address a specific challenge. Participants worked with an artist to learn the Mindstorm programming language, experimented with the design of a physical computing project, and tested the results in their own mini-robot "runway show".

Feral Robotic Dogs: The Bureau of Inverse Technology led a workshop on building feral robotic dogs. These semi-autonomous activist robots are created by disassembling and rebuilding commercially available robotic toy dogs. The toys are 'upgraded' by installing a new nose (data collection sensors), a new brain that programs the dogs to "sniff out" contaminants in the environment and by mechanically improving them so that they can traverse outdoor terrain.

Tuesday July 15
12-6pm - Tickle Salon
12-6pm - New York - Tokyo Robotics
6-8pm - Presentations and Discussion
8-10 - Party

New York Tokyo presented the latest robot technologies commercially available in Japan including pet robots, entertainment robots, toy robots, labor robots, and even caretaker robots.

Presentations Eyebeam's Director of R&D, Jonah Peretti, led a panel discussion and series of presentations examining ways in which artificial intelligence impacts contemporary society and creative practice. Participants included Artbots director Douglas Repetto, Natalie Jeremijenko from the Bureau of Inverse Technology, Tickle Salon creators Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen, Chico MacMurtrie of Amorphic Robot Works and Chris Csikszentmihalyi of the MIT Media Lab.

This exhibition was made possible with support from The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

People: Chico MacMurtrie, Chris Csikszentmihályi, Douglas Repetto, Erwin Driessens, Jonah Peretti, Maria Verstappen, Natalie Jeremijenko
Research: R&D Lab
Tags: event, festival, Robotics