Silent Project

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14 Sep 2004
12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Silent Project used multiple audio transmission technologies to broadcast music to individuals rather than to a group. Each participant heard a simultaneous broadcast of music, similar to what he or she would experience as a concert-goer, but this experience was internalized and isolated through entirely private audio devices. As a result, visitors who are not participating in the technology experienced the performance only as audience members.

Participants of Silent Project were able to engage in a shared private experience much like interactions found on the internet. By keeping the site open to non-users (i.e. audience members who will view the performance but not engage with the technology), The Silent Project created an invisible barrier between the private interior collectivized by the performance and the public exterior only able to observe the happening. This event was intended to create a shared experience among individuals connected by an invisible network.

According to Kevin McHugh, "The Silent Project allows audience members to consider the impact of technology's ever increasing privatization of social encounters, and to consider how existing tools can be used in innovative ways to communicate." More than eight of New York's most prominent DJs will spin for The Silent Project. The 10-hour long event will feature back to back sets of continuous music.

Some of the DJs who performed were: DJ Olive(We/The Agriculture) Marcus and Dominique (Plant/Centrofly) Troy Pierce (M_nus) James Murphy (DFA) Jaesun (Stuck On Earth) Surprise guests The Silent Project is co-produced by Kevin McHugh and Eyebeam with technical direction by Peter Jay.

People: Kevin McHugh
Tags: sound art, radio, event