Sound Research Summit

Programming Series: Rec. Play.

On April 21st, Eyebeam’s main exhibition space will be transformed into a small village dedicated to creative sound research. Using resources as diverse as atmospheric sensors, ping-pong balls, string instruments, reverberant plates, magnetized wires, cell phones, data hubs, and laughter, participants from Eyebeam’s sound research group will convene to run experiments, share original research, develop work in progress, and explore collaborative strategies.

Interaction, encounter, and juxtaposition will be emphasized over sound isolation—the idea being that sound is transparent enough to permit a human ecology that transcends the singular focus of the concert format.

Hours: 3PM-7PM open exhibit, 7PM-9PM panel
Cost: Free
From 3PM-7PM the public will be invited to witness the results. The day will culminate in a public discussion at 7PM.

Participating artists include Christine Sun-Kim, David Reeder, Mike Clemow, Yo Park, Keiko Uenishi, Seth Dellinger, Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter, Chris Diasparra, Brian HouseMary MattinglyKyle Kessler, Ben Houge, Bernhard Garnicnig, and Jackson Moore.

The Sound Research Summit is the inaugural event in Eyebeam’s new sound art event series, Rec. Play. 

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People: Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter, Ben Houge, Bernhard Garnicnig, Brian House, Chris Diasparra, Christine Sun-Kim, David Reeder, Jackson Moore, Keiko Uenishi, Kyle KesslerMary Mattingly, Mike Clemow, Roddy Schrock, Seth Dellinger, Yo Park
Research: Sound
Tags: critical mass, ecology, sound, sound art, sound ecology, sound research