Syphon and Projection Mapping with Mad Mapper

Learn how to leverage a multitude of visual tools to create powerful interactive experiences using Syphon and Mad Mapper in this one-day intensive course.

Instructors: Anton Marini (vade) and Chika Iijima (CHiKA)
Saturday, July 20
10:30AM – 5:30 PM

$150 General; $75 Student & Non-Profit Staff Discount (enter password “STUDENT” to receive discount; you may be asked to show student ID or business card when arriving to workshop)


Please bring a Mac computer running OS X 10.6 or greater.
(email [email protected] if you cannot provide this)

– Students will be given a fully functional, 30 day limited version of MadMapper & Modul8.

– Vidvox will be providing educational student pricing for VDMX.

– Resolume will be providing educational student pricing for Resolume Avenue 4. After the workshop, students are legible to get a student discount to purchase the software.

– We are also looking into discounts for other featured software. 

Thank you to Garagecube, 1024 Architecture, Resolume, and Vidvox for providing support!

Course Description:
Introduction to Syphon and Projection mapping:
Learn how to leverage Syphon to use various different visual software tools together, learn about various projection mapping software and techniques, featuring how to use Mad Mapper with, Modul8, VDMX, Resolume.  Learn how to set up projects efficiently, make best use of the capabilities of various software, and learn about other off the shelf Syphon compatible software to experiment with in your workflows.

After the introduction, you will learn
Advanced Syphon – use Syphon to leverage creative coding environments like OpenFrameworks, Max MSP / Jitter and Quartz Composer, Processing and others, and learn about the lower level Syphon API for use in custom OpenGL enabled software. You will learn about how Syphon works internally, and how to leverage the Syphon plugins for programming environments, and how to set up and efficiently use Syphon.
Advanced Mad Mapper – We will be showcasing more in depth use of Mad Mapper, introducing projection mapping techniques and strategies you can use with any Syphon compatible software.

About the Instructors:


Anton Marini (vade) is a video performance artist, programmer and video engineer. His artwork focuses on improvisation and realtime manipulation of video. He plays, bends, rips, tears, shreds, morphs, molds, glitches and synthesizes pixels to form new visual experiences.

A former researcher in residence at NYU’s Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, Eyebeam artist in residence, he has taught at Parsons/New School Design and Technology Department and performed at many new media and video festivals around the world. He also designs open source tools to help facilitate the video performance medium.


Chika Iijima (CHiKA) is an interactive visual artist and an educator. She creates a minimalist geometric visual narrative in sync with the sounds of live music performance in addition to interactive projection mapping installations that explore the relationship between visual, light, sound and public audience. She is a creator of a 3 day projection mapping workshop marathon, Mappathon, that teaches mapping projection technique to create site specific installations. She was also a resident researcher at ITP, New York University and an IAC Teaching and Research Fellow for Vimeo.

Her work has been shown at the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art and Design, the Hammer Museum, San Francisco Art Institute, Centre d’Art Contemporain Geneva, Museo Regional de Guadalajara, Matadero Madrid, Theatre Maisonneuve, Biennial in Venezuela, eBay, New York University, Cooper Union, The School of Visual Arts, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Eyebeam, Harvestworks, Millennium, Mapping Festival, Dumbo Arts Festival, MOD Festival, Blip Festival New York, Blip Festival Tokyo, Mutek, Nuit Blanche, Metropolitan Pavilion, Music Hall of Williamsburg, The Gramercy Theatre, and S.O.B.’s among other places.

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People: Chika Iijima, Anton Marini