TEDxMidTownNY: Opening the Space Portal

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hosted event
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12 Jan 2011
$5 / $20
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Eyebeam hosts the third TEDxMidTownNY event, sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF), discussing progress towards sustainable space settlement with best-selling author Howard Bloom and award-winning space glove designer Ted Southern.

TEDxMidTownNY is a local, independently organized event in which a diverse group of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, adventurers, investors, teachers, and students will share their perspective and leave the event inspired to improve the collective future of humanity through space exploration and settlement. Advance tickets will be available shortly.

The SFF encourages those who wish to attend to purchase tickets in advance, as admission numbers are limited. Tickets are $20 for general admission and $5 for students under 25 (with valid student ID). Go here to purchase tickets.

Howard Bloom picture Howard Bloom is a leading activist for the development and implementation of Space Solar Power whose enthralling books intertwine science, spirituality, economics, and social evolution. “Howard Bloom personifies America’s entrepreneurial genius; following him will lead us to a new world of wealth creation.”. -Rich Kirby, President, Kepler Space University
“Howard Bloom’s books are a gift to civilization. The Genius of the Beast is the best business history I’ve read, and I’ve read many.” -Alex Lightman, author of Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and the Infinite Internet.
Ted Southern photo Ted Southern is a sculptor, costume maker, and inventor from Brooklyn, New York. For the last 4 years, Ted has been developing a new generation of space suit gloves, in coordination with Nikolay Moiseev, a Russian spacesuit fabricator. In November 2009, Ted and Nik outperformed NASA’s current Phase VI spacesuit gloves, and won second place in NASA’s Astronaut Glove Challenge. While at Eyebeam, Ted will be digitally developing the complicated patterns for these gloves, including pressure restraints and the Thermal Micrometeoroid Garment, and modeling hard and soft patterns for a new, complete low cost pressure suit.

Projects: Spacesuit Gloves
People: Ted Southern
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As an organization that does some great work encouraging  science and learning, EyeBeam should be embarrassed to be associated with this event. I walked out wondering if the whole thing was a scam.

It was poorly organized around seemingly made up rules of TedX, with a late start and then making us watch two videos on YoueTube before getting to the speakers. The woman who, I think, was running it it rambled incoherently about Earth being super duper important. She also seem to think reading a book from cover-to-cover was a real achievement.

Howard Bloom is obviously a pseudo scientist selling hookum. Everything that came out of his mouth was nonsense. 'Photons are the screams of atoms'. 'Smart as a dikins cyanobacteria'. 'Everything that is excreted is by definition poison'. The  faulty logic, misinformation and just plain bone headedness that was packed in to every one of his statements made me think for a moment it was all a joke.

Ted Southern was really interesting. He got screwed by having to share the stage with Mr. Bloom. I wish I had gotten to talk to him some more durring the question and answer session. Unfortunately I had to leave.

EyeBeam; I really like you guys. I like what you stand for and I like a lot of the work that has been produced from your gallery. Please, please, boot this group.