We Love New York

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8 Aug 2002 - 24 Aug 2002

This Celebration of New York City engaged in theory and practice about civil liberties and public space. Eyebeam sponsored an exhibition and a series of workshops that were free to the public. Visitors and participants learned about surveillance technology, the open wireless movement, tactical media and GIS mapping techniques.

On View: An 80-foot long day-glow map of Manhattan by Sumant Jayakrishnan, a luminous 3D model of the skyline by John Klima, computer kiosks with interactive mapping tools by Community Cartography, the City of Memory project by Jake Barton, and a wall of GIS maps illustrating social and economic trends by C-Map and others.

Public Programs: Workshops on surveillance, wireless, urban geography, and tactical media led by the Institute for Applied Autonomy, the Surveillance Camera Players, NYPIRG's Community Mapping Assistance Project, Matt Jones (the inventor of "warchalking"), NYC Wireless, Critical Art Ensemble, Beatriz da Costa, and others.

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