X-Lab Salon: Surround Sounds

Hours: 6:30PM-9:00PM
Cost: Sliding scale: $10-25

Surround Sounds is the first event in Eyebeam’s new X-Lab Salon series, a program of thematic critical discussions taking place around an informal dining table.

Join Eyebeam for Surround Sounds, an evening of art + technology + food + conversation with fellow Jacob Ciocci, and residents Dave Jimison and Tahir Hemphill. Over the course of the evening, guests will be invited to share in a series of edible and aural experiences.

Ciocci, Jimison and Hemphill will present their sound-based work in an informal discussion environment with food and drink. Each of them approach music or sound from very different perspectives, but are linked in their use of technology and aural experience as a way to reinterpret and reinvent the world. Their work provides the inspiration and launching point for an engaging evening around the dining table.

Eyebeam Fellow Jacob Ciocci’s work engages with pop culture using recognizable audio and visual tropes to chip away at the one-dimensionality of mainstream entertainment media. He (mis)handles elements of pop music by intelligently and creatively turning them on their head and ultimately producing more unique and interesting variations on the existing themes.

X-Lab Resident David Jimison’s work at Eyebeam is a collaborative workshop series that teaches participants how to become their own musical instruments by wearing them as clothing. It’s impossible to not affect the people around you when the clothes you are wearing make sound, activating the aural space of an environment through one’s own body.

Eyebeam Resident Tahir Hemphill’s Hip-Hop Word Count, is a searchable ethnographic database built from the lyrics of over 40,000 Hip-Hop songs from 1979 to present day. As an open source data set, the information can be used to create data visualizations that chart the migration of ideas and the geography of a language – an analysis of hip-hop culture from a sociolinguistic perspective.

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Projects: Build Your Own Music-Making Clothing Line, Hip-Hop Word Count, Music Is A Question With No Answer
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