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The World Series of 'Tubing team is looking for a talented hacker to work on several new web-based and live performance features of the game.  The candidate should be able to commit at least 2 days/week on-site at Eyebeam and occasionally work offsite when we take the performance to different venues.  Computer Vision, advanced computer graphics, CakePHP, and web services experience are a big plus.

If you are interested, please send a resumé or CV to the address listed above.

Here is an intro of the project


Outreach and Development

Pinatas, animal costumes, and sight-specific-demonstration-videos  are some tools Emily uses to create humorous and irreverent conceptual art.  With an eye towards metaphor, her interest in patterns and people is expressed with simple imagery, performances, large-scale-community-projects, sculptures, and short-films; a mix of material that is dipped in a pot of politics, technology, and ephemerality.  She does ensemble-style collaborations with artists from multiple disciplines, partaking in the emergent creative process of group art-making, and is currently flocking and herding her way through Brooklyn College's PIMA MFA program and serving as an Outreach and Development Intern at Eyebeam.

I took the mechanical engineering PE back in October, and I just found out yesterday that I passed! I can’t even explain what a relief it is. I’m a certified nerd. Now I can’t wait to get my seal! Now I have to start checking out the continuing education units…

I am flying to Bangalore (Bengaluru) tonight. Here, I will be presenting an academic paper at WikiWars Conference with my colleague and close friend, Nathaniel Stern.


Looking at what we call “performative citations”, we will be focusing on the infamous Wikipiedia Art project and introducing a contemporary application of the performative utterance — as applied to Wikipedia.


This will be the first of a two-part gathering to put together material for the Critical Point of View (CPOV) Reader. The second will be in Amsterdam in March. I’m excited.

Bright Bike STOLEN!

This bicycle was stolen on January 8th 2010 at 195 Bowery NYC, a block south of the New Museum. I attached it to the standard NYC metal scaffolding supports but the thief either unscrewed the bolt, or broke through the metal, and released the scaffolding bracket! It has a white non-reflective "BRIGHT BIKE" sticker on the downtube. The wheels are a brand new set of Open Pros, laced to White Industries ENO hubs (eccentric). Dura Ace brakes, and Sugino cranks. Went in for a gallery opening, came out, and it was gone. This is an ICONIC bike, (there are no other bikes in NYC with the full retroreflective treatment) so if you see anyone riding it, it is stolen.

The Bright Bike was the first version of a project i am working on (http://BrightThread.com). It is a fully retroreflective vinyl wrapped bicycle. When the bicycle is in the beam of a light (like a car’s headlight, or a camera’s flash,) it reflects back super bright. When it is not in the light, it is just jet black.

$500 reward, no questions asked

If you see it, please contact me: michael @@ mandiberg ddott com

We are making good progress on the Open Video Sync project. It’s buggy but the syncing code works!


After some thought about how to best make this available to a wide set of users and support some of Apple’s undocumented APIs — ones that are basic like pausing a movie or playing it back on an external device, (see this thread for the geeks out there) we have decided to release two versions of Open Video Sync, one for App Store which will be a slimmed-down version and one for the Cydia Store — for jailbroken phones, which will be a full-featured version.

I’m still disappointed with Apple and their closing down of the iPhone. But apparently I am just one of many.

Today at Eyebeam we learned some basic skillz in Photoshop and Gimp. As seen in both mine and Spencer's tasteful collages, we learned a lot.


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