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We (the eyebeam residents of the student era) are creating a super-cool, super-flashy amazing window display for the holidays. It features the Nativity scene (We don't mean to offfend anyone!), but with the eyebeam twist! Some highlights of this beautiful masterpiece is...
-Some cool shiz, like computers as hay
-Breakdancing hand babies?

I'm working on the 'angels'. The angels are the pop culture that eyebeam thrives on, to make it relevant for the masses. We've got snorlaxez, pokemons, Flying machines, lazor pistols, and even jet packs.

What is even cooler than jet packs?



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So I have started researching the issue of Net Neutrality, and last night I went to a Net Neutrality debate held by Google and Verizon at the IAC building as part of the Web 2.0 Expo. The debate was about the passing of legislation for a net neutrality law which would state that no discrimination could be made in regards to who can access the internet, what applications get more space, and who can contact who else on the internet. At the beginning of the debate, the audience was asked to vote on their feelings towards the topic, either for passing legislature, against passing legislature or undecided on the topic. At the end of the debate they once again had people vote on how they felt, to see if anyone had been swayed. The number of people who changed their opinion to "for" the legislation was 30%, increasing the number from 50% to 80%. The amount of people who decided they were "against" the legislation increased from 12% to 14%. The "undecided" dropped from 38% to 6%.


Alright, so today was a pretty chill day. We all just came together to talk about our major plan for our window display. I don't want to spoil what I may think is a surprise, but I know that a major factor of our Christmas extravangaza will be a baby eyebeam, and for added realism, a camel....

Researching today was pretty crazy, and we came across such scandalous information. I'll just say someone was sued by Eyebeam for a big misunderstanding with their intelectual property.....but on a lighter note, I guess I can show you some of our super crazy plans...