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( a nice detail found at Temporäre Kunsthalle, last show Summer 2010, curated by Jon Bock, )


Awesome stencil project by Saskia Aldinger. The spray tool from the program paint enlarged, printed and cut becomes a sprayed spray can image. I smell some Yo Dawg meme here ;) . Paintrush. Love it!


Current & upcoming shows / talks / workshops

New Media Pathway
Merzakademie, Stuttgart, Germany
Wahlwoche guest teaching

Digital Folklore
Conference cycle at Gaite Lyrique, Paris, France
curated by Marie Lechner
with: Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, JODI, Aram Bartholl


public intervention
video: 4:06 min

Aram Bartholl

I ve been looking at these cheaply produced, super low resolution LED signs (the IRL animated gif ;-) for a while already.  End of last year I filmed this meaningfull pair in a kiosk window in Berlin and fell in love with them.  First I used the picture for the SPEED SHOW 5 title in Paris but I had to take it a bit further. :) You find LED signs in any shopping window especially in EU these days. There are also many OPEN signs in US but hardly any INTERNET signs. I had to change that! :)

The OPEN INTERNET intervention was produced during my residency stay at EYEBEAM.


Article by Domenico Quaranta, on the SPEED SHOW series and Rafael Rozendaals BYOB (Bring your own beamer) shows “Mostre open source”, in Flash Art, Issue 290, February 2011, p. 32. Read full article here (italian)


noneventeventmonument I
by zweintopf
Graz Marienplatz 1, 2009
Kran, Kranführer, LED Lichtschläuche, Steuerung, Benzinaggregat
all pictures by Marcus Auer