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Look at that desperate guy running behind the Google Streetview car in Berlin
(that s me :-) hehe … congrats Germany! (original tweet from 10-13-2009)

On the same day in Fall 2009 F.A.T. lab came up with the idea to build the fake Google car for Transmediale :-) http://fffff.at/google-street-view-car/ http://vimeo.com/9455140


TAZ, 5.11.2010

Financial Times DE, 18.11.2010


(found public sulpture by anonymous (?) at Nordbahnhof, Berlin)


Rainer Ganahl

Awesome video work by Rainer Ganahl  currently on show at Postmasters. ( video link )

Engineers of the Soul
Postmasters Gallery
459 West 19th Street, 212-727-3323
Chelsea, NYC.
October 23 – December 4, 2010


(Construction site markup language CSML is awesome in NYC! More pics on flickr, found on 8th Ave, 16th St)


My little piece of privacy
Interactive Installation
Niklas Roy

Awesome piece Niklas and great video like always !!!