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The Dead Record Office by AUDiNT is a 2011 Art in General commission. AUDiNT, short for “Audio Intelligence” is a collaborative, research team comprised of artists and scholars Steve Goodman, Toby Heys and myself, Jon Cohrs.


AUDiNT: Dead Record Office
June 17–July 23, 2011

Opening this Friday , June 17th, at Art In General.
79 Walker Street | New York, NY 10013

People: Jon Cohrs
Tags: exhibit

The De-Berlusconizer has launched a new show removing further references of the Italian media hog.


There will be a 10 minute screening of a rough cut of the film at the Index Art Center in Newark, NJ
this Saturday, April 2nd, from 7-11pm for the opening of Video Village: New Media Expeditions
I’ll give an introductory presentation followed by a Q+A.

People: Jon Cohrs
Tags: presentation

I just finally updated my personal site, joncohrs.com Its really nothing more then a list of links, but for once you can see my projects, and mastering work I do, a long with other things

People: Jon Cohrs
Tags: art

Few places reflect the growing disconnect between contemporary food and its origins more profoundly than the artificial flavoring industry that makes its home in the swampy wetlands of Northern New Jersey. The Meadowlands have long been the dumping ground of industry and now have one of the highest concentrations of artificial flavoring factories in the world. Today, what was once a vibrant ecosystem is now a combination of remediation sites, a post-industrial landscape, and a recovering urban wilderness–producing many of the “natural flavors” we consume.

People: Jon Cohrs
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I’m presenting my new upcoming project at FEAST.
“FEAST is a recurring public dinner designed to use community-driven financial support to democratically fund new and emerging art makers.” But really it’s a fun party, where interesting projects are presented, and the most voted project will walk away with 1k or so. Come out for a great meal and to support my project, the spice trade expedition


People: Jon Cohrs
Tags: presentation