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Jacob Ciocci, Jeff Crouse and I are presenting our video based work, followed by a good discussion on open culture at the Open Video Conference on Saturday October 2nd at 4:45. Stop by if you’re interested.

People: Jon Cohrs
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Morgan Levy and I just launched our new project, Alviso’s Medicinal All-Salt at 01SJ Biennial.
It’s a unique low-dosage cocktail of our most commonly used drugs, all brought together in one simple salty remedy! All-Salt.com

Projects: Alviso's Medicinal All-Salt
People: Morgan Levy, Jon Cohrs
Tags: art

The Urban Prospector is being shown at ARS Electronica in Linz, Austria. Its part of of the Raise Your Voice Exhibit in the new ARS Electronica Center from July 30th to September 26th, 2010 + at the ARS Electronica Festival from September 2nd -11th, 2010.

People: Jon Cohrs
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On July 1st, I moved back to NYC. After spending a year living the quiet coffee + art centric Berlin, I moved back to New York for a year long fellowship at Eyebeam Center for Art + Technology in Chelsea.

This is a great opportunity to keep working on some unfinished projects and start some new ones. In September, I’ll be in San Jose for the Zero1 festival working on a project together with Morgan Levy to make Happy Salt; salt with antidepressants.

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As part of the Urban Wilderness Action Center, Myriel Milicevic + Jon Cohrs are organizing the Berlin Micro-Turf Expedition. With a team of self-defined experts (you), we will survey parking lot ecosystems, abandoned infrastructures, trade routes, and micro habitats of Berlin by dissecting the fringe-ecologies within the city.


We’re in Vancouver right transmitting our mundane webscraped content to the downtown Vancouver. We just updated our streaming server as well, using a custom open-source version of flash called red5. Better yet is that our tv stream is also embedable so any one can add it to their website. like so —>>>

Visit http://omgimon.tv


Interesting review of Steve Goodman’s book on sonic weapons by Geeta Dayal. The book is a very thorough look at history and implications of sonic weapons. Read the review here.

Steve Goodman, Toby Hayes, and I will be working on some projects around this subject over the next year. I’m hoping to spend sometime reverse engineering a LRAD speaker system used in crowd control.


Visual Voltage
opening -> January 7, 18 – 24.00:

I’ll be showing my video on urban prospecting at the exhibition.

“The exhibition Visual Voltage deals with the mayor subject “energy“ from the perspective of Swedish designers and artists.
Both climate change and pending decisions on the European energy politics motivate also artists and designers from Germany to respond to this subject with their work. These responses are now presented in the exhibition Visual Voltage Amplified which opens on January 7, 2010 and accompanies Visual Voltage until January 24.”

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