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Studio Visit Invitation #1

For a series of studio visits I made laser cut invitations. This video documents the process.

Video and Edit by Jonathan Perlman

Cast: Michael Mandiberg, Jonathan Perlman

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Steve Lambert and Andy Bichlbaum on CNN about NYT Special Edition

Originally Aired on November 10th, 2008, one day after the paper hit the streets.

More on the project:

And a video on how the idea was generated, developed, and a bit about the purpose of the project as well as some of the ramifications.

Cast: Steve Lambert

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Ticket Machine by Kaho Abe

A ticket for a trip is an object that gives you exclusive access to an unexplored place.  It is a mere piece of paper, but it carries imagination and anticipation of the future, of what new world it can unlock. The Ticket Machine is a Rube Goldberg type collaborative installation which is triggered with a drop of a coin. The machine then unveils different worlds, created by the collaborators, and finally produces a printed ticket. This installation was created during the Eyebeam Roadshow 2010 at 01SJ in San Jose.

The first device, activating a shattered LCD panel was created by Randy Sarafan and the remaining two devices were created by myself with the help of Ez Cothran.

Cast: James Stone

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Teta Haniya's secrets - research in souk el hamidieh

Souk el Hamidieh
Damascus, Syria
December 2007

In Damascus’ Souk el Hamidieh, amidst stands selling oriental carpets, and middle eastern scents, lies one of the most shocking and best kept Syrian secrets. In the most casual of ways, little boutiques sell kinky, colorful, electronic lingerie to conservative looking women of all ages, embodying the essence of Syrian playful sexuality.

This video relates to Teta Haniya's Secrets. A project produced with Luma Eldin, with the support of Eyebeam Art and Technology center

Cast: ayah bdeir

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