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July 13th, 2010
Open Hardware
Ayah Bdeir and Phil Torrone, MAKE
Today, we announce the draft of the definition for open hardware, as initiated from the Opening Hardware Workshop that I hosted at Eyebeam. Early signatories include: Arduino, Adafruit, Make, Sparkfun, Wired, Buglabs, Makerbot, Chumby, Creative Commons, etc.. Let us know your thoughts! More here



Seven on Seven: Trailer from Rhizome on Vimeo.
Thoughts about Art and Technology

Full talk


New York Times -  Art Made at the Speed of the Internet: Don’t Say ‘Geek’; Say ‘Collaborator’
ArtForum - Phreaks and Geeks
Rhizome - Photos of 7on7
PSFK - When Artists Meet Programmers
BoingBoing - Rhizome’s 7on7

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April 8- April 30
Doha, Qatar
Reality show anyone? I will be participating in Stars of Science, a reinterpreted American inventor - Arab world of sorts. 16 contestants from across the Arab world compete with their inventions for $300,000 in a series that will air on Pan Arab television channels as well as on the show website. [...]

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April 17th, 2010
The New Museum, NY
“Rhizome is pleased to announce Seven on Seven a new major initiative that reflects our mission to connect art and new technology. The seven teams will present their ideas at a one-day event at the New Museum on April 17th. Seven on Seven Participants include, on the technology side, Ayah [...]


By making a contribution to Eyebeam, you will be supporting all of our creative practitioners and the educational workshops and performance events we develop at our collaborative art and technology center.

More here


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Article about the Cruel Weather Middle Eastern film festival at Aberdeen’s Peacock gallery. The article includes an interview with Jay Murphy and a description of Identities in Motion, my solo show.
The post was originally by the wonderful Regine Debatty. Here

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Peacock visual arts gallery
Aberdeen, Scotland
03 October - 14 November, 2009
Identities in Motion is a series of works by Ayah Bdeir that looks to contemporarise images of Arab identity, reinterpreting often archaic, frozen and homogeneous imagery. The works deal with the obsession of the media to flatten the Arab identity and reduce it to [...]


August 11th, 2009
Daily Star, Lebanon
“Nostalgia tinkling at the ivories”
Daniel Hai and my visuals at the Guy Manoukian concert in Beiteddine on August 9th, 2009 moved the audience, and the press. Article here. The concert went great, over 4000 attendees (full house), very high energy in the audience and great feedback! Pictures soon.

People: Ayah Bdeir
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