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A recent New York Times Magazine article by Jon Mooallem discusses the research and assumptions surrounding “gay animals”. One of the more interesting issues that becomes a thread in the story is how often humans anthropomorphize animals in particularity using sexual orientation as a way to either prove or demonize the legitimacy of homosexuality.
“we’re quick to conceive of that great range of activities in the way it most handily tracks to our anthropomorphic point of view: put crassly, all those different animals just seem to be doing gay sex stuff with one another. ”


Gilberto Esparza builds electronic “beam-bot” like robots that feed off of the environment. The urban parasite is device that crawls along the powerlines sucking on the electricity to fuel it’s movements. His more recent Nomadic Plants, on view at Laboreal Centro De Art


southern california, dirty water, dying fish, dying bees, desert squatters, military wastelands, trash. Toxic Imperial Valley from vbs.tv


Excellent exhibit by Walton Ford where he explores the style of Audubon books, but twists Hemingway big game hunters era concepts.
from his bio:
“Each painting is as much a tutorial in flora and fauna as it is as a scathing indictment of the wrongs committed by nineteenth-century industrialists or, locating the work in the present, contemporary American consumer society.”
It’s a stunning exhibit at the Hamburger Bahnhof in berlin.


The Urban Wilderness Action Center (UWAC) is a project initiated by Jon Cohrs, in collaboration with the Eyebeam Student Residents (New York), Stephanie Pereira, and UK-based artist Kai-Oi Jay Yung (UK). The UWAC project includes a web platform uwac.anewfuckingwilderness.com and a day of action where people from NYC, Berlin, and London will design and disseminate guerrilla gardening projects.

UWAC DAY is Saturday, March 20. Each of four lead cities will host a day of free artist-led interventions that respond to urban wilderness. We will document the day through a live Twitter, Flickr, and video feed streamed through the UWAC website.


As part of the Urban Wilderness Action Center, Myriel Milicevic + Jon Cohrs are organizing the Berlin Micro-Turf Expedition. With a team of self-defined experts (you), we will survey parking lot ecosystems, abandoned infrastructures, trade routes, and micro habitats of Berlin by dissecting the fringe-ecologies within the city.


We’re in Vancouver right transmitting our mundane webscraped content to the downtown Vancouver. We just updated our streaming server as well, using a custom open-source version of flash called red5. Better yet is that our tv stream is also embedable so any one can add it to their website. like so —>>>

Visit http://omgimon.tv


Interesting review of Steve Goodman’s book on sonic weapons by Geeta Dayal. The book is a very thorough look at history and implications of sonic weapons. Read the review here.

Steve Goodman, Toby Hayes, and I will be working on some projects around this subject over the next year. I’m hoping to spend sometime reverse engineering a LRAD speaker system used in crowd control.