Hit Me! 2011 Project list

On Friday, I figured out the doorbell receiver signals and how arduino can tell which doorbell is being rung. Here is the project list which helps me code but also know exactly what goes where. MODE INTERFACE BUTTONS ARDUINO SOUNDS 1. Rest Start Button which goes to Intro Show screenshot of last game Start button Nothing Background loops 2. Intro Intro background Show 2 streaming videos Wait for snapbutton Timer to 3 mins then returns to Rest Exit button Exit button Snapbutton Introduction! 3. Game Game background Timer runs for 30 sec Has 2 pics of players Score If there has been a previous hit the snap shot from the prev hit if game has ended then go to ScoreMail 2 streamed video off screen Exit button Exit button Doorbell signals Hit Me! Game Loop 4. Hit Takes snapshot from whatever stream puts it on the screenshot Who did hit If judge adds points then show total points score from hit return to game Exit button Exit button Judge point input Ding ding ding 5. ScoreMail Final score Final winner Archived snapshots Email data Exit button Exit button Ding ding ding