Stop Work!


Stop Work at Eyebeam today was wonderful (as always) today.
We welcomed special guest Matthew Connell from Powerhouse Museum in Australia, and then talked about upcoming events and news at Eyebeam..... Benefit, External Affairs Manager opening, Re:Group exhibitions and public programs, Open Studios, the totally rad skillshares our Senior Fellows have been hosting before they depart, and Tahir's birthday party tonight.


Ben Leduc-Mills told us about his work outside of his role at Eyebeam - as a developer with Project Roebling; his collaboration with Dustyn Roberts on an installation for Eyebeam's Window Gallery, SADbot (support it on Kickstarter); and his imminent departure to pursue a PhD exploring open hardware opportunities for people in developing countries (which we think is bitter sweet!).


Ayah Bdeir talked about her recent stint as a reality TV star on a show for the Arab world called Stars of Science - which she describes as American Idol, for science (though she could only give us a glimpse of the project, because she signed a NDA!), and her participation at Rhizome's recent event sevenonseven where she and artist Tauba Auerbach collaborated via a rapid design process to create a sculpture that transforms itself when you are not looking. She also gave us a quick overview of the open hardware workshop she organized here with creative commons. They covered topics such as: what is IP, what is a trade secret, what does a copyright mean, what is a patent, discussions about best practices, and moving the open hardware forward by articulating a series of "principles") - she promised to fill us in on this stuff she has been up to at the Skillshare she will be doing for us in the next few weeks.


Patrick Lichty skyped in to talk to us about his current work in writing, a residency in Second Life and some writing he has been doing, all of the above related to: Theory, Tactical Media, and Second LIfe. He recently spoke at Wikipedia Critical Point conference of view conference to talk about Wikipedia a curatorial model, and is continuing to think, write and make work around this topic.


Tahir Hemphill talked to us about his ongoing work on his Hip Hop Word Count. His presentation was called, "Find, massage, upload and visualize" - In included an overview and scope; a peek into his process for collecting, inputting (via mechanical turk workers) and verifying data; and his plans for trying to figure out how to create create visualizations using all this data he has amassed. Inspired by Release Early and Often, and our Open Source philosophy, Tahir tried to approach the problem of making intersting visualizations by releasing his "Rap Data Pack #1 - Jay Z" - you can follow the results via his Twitter feed, @tahero or his blog - - Tahir also just got an award form the Awesome Foundation for the project. Following Tahir's presentation we had a great conversation about ownership, participation, and some tech ideas for streamlining his process. I don't know if he is making the presentation he shared with us public, but if so, find it. It is great.


Ted Southern gave us an update on his spacesuit glove, and we were psyched to see photos and video from his trip to NASA in Houston where he met spacesuit engineers, and even some astronauts.  Every time Ted shows up what he is up to we are like kids - clapping, cheering, and wowing. Spacesuits are just so cool.


And then we had a drink!


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