Electro-Moleskine of the Future

I’m excited to be working on a new project with Moleskine, prototyping a Moleskine of the future for their event, Objectivity: Notebook Hacking, Collaborative Drawing, and New Collections. I started the project with a visit to the Moleskine NYC showroom. Since I am already a Moleskine user, this was like being let loose in a candy shop. Moleskine let me select a stack of notebooks to bring back to my studio for testing. Many Moleskines were sacrificed to perfect this hack.

To me, a future Moleskine would illuminate like the outfits in Tron. To achieve this I selected an electroluminescent sign prototyping material, a cutable EL sheet. I’m going to try and use this with the programmable EL Sequencer from Sparkfun that I used in my Make: Programming EL Fashion blog post. This way I will be able to cut custom shapes that light up, then program the shapes to turn on and off in an animated pattern. I am not sure if the cutable sheet will work with the sequencer, but I will test it this afternoon to find out.

Objectivity, hosted at Eyebeam, is free and open to the public on May 15th from 6-9pm with RSVP. In the afternoon, I will be teaching a free workshop on customizing Moleskines with EL sheets described above. In the evening I will be on hand to show folks how to hack free Moleskine minis with LEDs.