CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Fashion and Wearable Tech Demo Night

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EVENT DATE: Tuesday, November 19, 5 - 9pm

As part of the Computational Fashion initiative, Eyebeam is hosting a Fashion and Wearable Tech Demo Night on November 19. We’re looking for compelling product ideas and emerging startups who are working at the intersection of (wearable) technology, garments, jewelry, and accessories. Each participant will get a table in Eyebeam's exhibition space to do informal presentations and demonstrations.

Participants must have a finished product or working prototype that is intended for the commercial market. Sorry, we're not looking for student projects or work that is only in concept stage at this time.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Please join us at the event on Tuesday, November 19.

The Demo Night will take place in conjunction with a Computational Fashion panel on "Fashion and the Body", which will examine opportunities and obstacles for fashion designers looking to incorporate technology into their work.

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