Gray Area Foundation – The Great Urban Hack Re-Cap

The Great Urban Hack Re-Cap by GAFFTA

9:00am on a Saturday morning, groggy strangers looking for loose chairs in Gray Area, some succeeding more than others at initiating conversations surrounding occupations, communities, and the general insanity that was the Giants World Series parade (though most kept these thoughts to themselves). So began the Great Urban Hack in San Francisco.

Add a dark roast and some bagels to the situation above, and a diverse group of programmers, journalists, designers, and academics come alive and begin to collaborate. The task at hand? Go for a walking tour of San Francisco’s dynamic and much-maligned Tenderloin District, speak to people and identify issues, and find out how journalists (hacks) and programmers (hackers) can work together to address those issues.

Some version of this ordeal was going on in New York City as well. It’s worth noting how close we felt when collaborating via a projected video feed – yet another example of cyberspace making a smaller community of our expanding world. “You need a hacker? Let’s ask New York!”

At the end of the weekend, projects would be selected for exhibition at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.

The result? Check out the project prototypes that emerged below. And stay tuned for the launch of all of these projects in one month!