Grey Room 34

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Karen Beckman, Branden W. Joseph, Reinhold Martin, Tom McDonough, Felicity D. Scott, eds.
magazine, 128 pages
Issue 34, Winter 2009
MIT Press Journals
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Anthony White
TV and Not TV: Lucio Fontana's Luminous Images in Movement

Irene Sunwoo
Pedagogy's Progress: Alvin Boyarsky's International Institute of Design

David Gissen
The Architectural Production of Nature, Dendur/New York

Richard Anderson
USA/USSR: Architecture and War

Karen Beckman
Nothing to Say: The War on Terror and the Mad Photography of Roland Barthes


Grey Room brings together scholarly and theoretical articles from the fields of architecture, art, media, and politics to forge a cross-disciplinary discourse uniquely relevant to contemporary concerns.

Publishing some of the most interesting and original work within these disciplines, Grey Room has positioned itself at the forefront of the most current asthetic and critical debates. Featuring articles, translations, interviews, dossiers, and academic exchanges, Grey Room's emphasis on aesthic practice and historical and theoretical discourse appeals to a wide range of readers, including architects, artists, scholars, students, and critics.


People: Tom McDonough, Reinhold Martin, Karen Beckman, Felicity D. Scott, Branden W. Joseph