Everyone says SF isn’t what it was. Everyone says the past five years have changed the city tremendously. Saito sees the city floating above the earth— above the attacks in Paris, above the refugee crisis in Europe, yet also somehow acutely responsive (evasive?). Nonetheless, the city cannot...
“If you want to be an artist, I would hope you have a trust fund, a spouse with a really good job or find someone rich to angel-invest and support you in the early days. If both of those fail, look for fellowships--if it wasn't for my first year at Eyebeam as a fellow, getting to work full time...
In the past years, Eyebeam has ignited the careers of over 300 visionary creators in emerging technology and art. As a groundbreaking incubator for creative and critical innovators at the forefront of emerging practice, Eyebeam this year brings in 16 artists and technologists – more than ever...
6:00PM - 9:00PM
16 Dec 2015
That was better than we could have imagined. Thank you.  Our annual holiday party takes place at Postmasters Gallery this year to celebrate generations of Eyebeam alums and friends working within the expanded narrative of technology. This year is also our first­-ever auction of...