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Roger F. Malina, Executive Editor
Vol. 41, Issue 2, April 2008
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Volume 41, Issue 2 - April 2008


Restoring the Continuum - Piero Scaruffi

Extended Abstract

The Destruction of a Nuclear Plant - Marisa González


Painting the Internet - John Aycock

Voice Mosaic — Talking to the Web - Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel

In The Eye of The Beholder: The Perception of Indeterminate Art - Christian Wallraven, Kathrin Kaulard, Cora Kürner, Robert Pepperell

Color Plates

Color Plates   

Historical Perspective

The Evolution of Illustrated Texts and Their Effect on Science: Examples from Early American State Geological Reports - Carol Siri Johnson

General Article

Web-Based Algorithmic Composition from Extramusical Resources - Jonathan N. Middleton, Diane Dowd

Special Section: Leonardo Celebrates Leonardo da Vinci

The Reverse Outlining Perspective of Leonardo's Last Supper and Its Image Formation - Tomás García-Salgado

Special Section: Archiving, Collecting, Documenting, and Conserving the Media Arts

Marina Abramović's Seven Easy Pieces: Critical Documentation Strategies for Preserving Art's History - Jessica Santone

From the Leonardo Archive

The Relocation of Ambient Sound: Urban Sound Sculpture - Bill Fontana

Special Section: REFRESH! Conference Papers

The Reception and Rejection of Art and Technology: Exclusions and Revulsions - Edward A. Shanken

Gordon Pask: Cybernetic Polymath - María Fernández

From Technophilia to Technophobia: The Impact of the Vietnam War on the Reception of “Art and Technology” - Anne Collins Goodyear

Vladimir Bonačić: Computer-Generated Works Made within Zagreb's New Tendencies Network (1961–1973) - Darko Fritz

Leonardo Reviews - Review Article

Symmetry: Cultural-Historical and Ontological Aspects of Science-Arts Relations: The Natural and Man-Made World in an Interdisciplinary Approach by György Darvas. Translated from the Hungarian by David Robert Evans. Birkhäuser, Basel, Boston, MA, and Berlin, 2007. xi + 508 pp. - István Hargittai

Leonardo Reviews - Books

Too Beautiful to Picture: Zeuxis, Myth, and Mimesis by Elizabeth C. Mansfield. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN, 2007. 240 pp., illus. Trade, paper. - Amy Ione

Pop Modernism: Noise and the Reinvention of the Everyday by Juan A. Suárez. University of Illinois Press, Chicago and Urbana, IL, 2007. 321 pp. Trade, paper. - Jan Baetens

Beautiful/Ugly: African and Diaspora Aesthetics edited by Sara Nuttall. Duke University Press, Durham, NC, U.S.A., 2007. Published in conjunction with the Prince Claus Fund. 416 pp., illus. Paper. - Michael R. (Mike) Mosher

The Atlas of Climate Change: Mapping the World's Greatest Challenge by Kirstin Dow and Thomas E. Downing. University of California Press, Berkeley, 2006. 112 pp., illus. col. - Stefaan Van Rysse

The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft by Anne Friedberg. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., 2006. 448 pp., illus. Trade. - Ian Verstegen

Problematizing Global Knowledge: The Theory, Culture & Society Encyclopedia Project edited by Mike Featherstone et al. Theory, Culture, & Society Issue 23.2-3 (2006). Sage Publications, London. 616 pp., paper. - Eugene Thacker

From Technological to Virtual Art by Frank Popper. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., 2007. 471 pp., illus. Trade. - Paul Hertz

Design Anarchy by Kalle Lasn. Adbusters Media Foundation, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2006. 416 pp., 420 illus. Cloth. - John F. Barber

Science, Culture, and Modern State Formation by Patrick Carroll. University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, U.S.A., 2006. 290 pp., illus. Trade. - Enzo Ferrara

All Creatures: Naturalists, Collectors, and Biodiversity, 1850–1950 by Robert E. Kohler. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, U.S.A., 2006. 380 pp. illus. Trade. - Jonathan Zilberg

Leonardo Reviews
- Exhibition

La Biennale di Venezia 52nd International Art Exhibition. “Think with the Senses—Feel with the Mind. Art in the Present Time,” curated by Robert Storr, 6 June–21 November 2007, Venice, Giardini and Arsenale and other venues - Yvonne Spielmann

Leonardo Reviews - Films

Constant, Avant le Départ by Maarten Schmidt and Thomas Doebele. First Run/Icarus Films, Brooklyn NY, 2006. VHS/DVD, 81 min., b/w, col. Distributor web site: www.frif.com - Anthony Enns

Salvador Allende by Patricio Guzmán. First Run/Icarus Films, Brooklyn NY, 2006. DVD, 100 min. Distributor's web site: www.frif.com - Michael R. (Mike) Mosher

Leonardo Reviews
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