Leonardo June 2008

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Roger F. Malina, Executive Editor
Vol. 41, Issue 3, June 2008
MIT Press Journals
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Volume 41, Issue 3 - June 2008


Cybernetic, Technoetic, Syncretic: The Prospect for Art - Roy Ascott

Artist's Statement

Wave Pillow  - Elmar Trefz

General Article

Robots with Bad Accents: Living with Synthetic Speech - Marc Böhlen

Color Plates

Color Plates

Historical Perspective

A Cultural History of the Hologram - Sean F. Johnston

Special Section: The Physics of Aesthetics

Physics of Aesthetics: A Meeting of Science, Art and Thought in Barcelona - Josep Perelló, Vicenç Altaió

Models of Randomness and Complexity, from Turbulence to Stock Markets - Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

Riddles in Fundamental Physics - Luis Álvarez Gaumé

On Networks and Monsters: The Possible and the Actual in Complex Systems  - Ricard Solé

Nanotechnology: The Endgame of Materialism - James K. Gimzewski

Special Section: ArtScience: The Essential Connection

Art Can Bring Out the Best in Science - Harry Rubin

Special Section: Leonardo Celebrates Leonardo da Vinci

The Colors of Leonardo's Shadows - Francesca Fiorani

From the Leonardo Archive

The Next Evolutionary Step in the Ascent of Man in the Cosmos - Jonas Salk

Leonardo Reviews - Review Article

String Quartet No. 2 by Morton Feldman, performed by Flux Quartet. Mode Records, New York, 2002. Audio DVD or 5 CD set, 6 hr 7 min 7 sec. Mode 112/Feldman Edition 6. Distributor's web site: http://www.moderecords.com/catalog/112feldman.html - Eugene Thacker

Leonardo Reviews - Books

Building a Century of Progress: The Architecture of Chicago's 1933–34 World's Fair by Lisa D. Schrenk. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis MN USA, 2007. 368 pp., illus. Trade. - Michael R. (Mike) Mosher

Science as a Spiritual Practice by Imants Barušs, Imprint Academic, Exeter, U.K., 2007. 155 pp. Paper. - Rob Harle

Museum Frictions: Public Cultures/Global Transformations Edited by Ivan Karp, Corrine Kratz, Lynn Szwaja and Tomas Ybarra-Frausto. Duke Univ. Press, Durham, NC, 2006. 632 pp., illus. Trade, paper. - Jonathan Zilberg

Gods in the Bazaar by Kajri Jain. Duke Univ. Press, Durham and London, 2007. 448 pp., illus. Trade, paper. - Stefaan Van Ryssen

Collectivism after Modernism: The Art of Social Imagination after 1945 Edited by Blake Stimson and Gregory Sholette. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN, 2007. 312 pages, illus. Trade, paper - Jan Baetens

Native Moderns: American Indian Painting, 1940–1960 by Bill Anthes. Duke Univ. Press, Durham, NC, U.S.A., 2006. 304 pp., illus. Trade, paper. -Jonathan Zilberg

Digital Performance: A History of New Media in Theater, Dance, Performance Art, and Installation by Steve Dixon. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., 2007. 808 pp. illus. Trade. - Dene Grigar

Cartographic Cinema by Tom Conley. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A., 2007. 264 pp. illus. Trade, paper. - Jan Baetens

Ohne Schnur: Kunst und Drahtlose Kommunikation Edited by Katja Kwastek. Revolver Archiv fuer Aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt/Main and Cuxhaven Kunstverein, Cuxhaven, Germany, 2004. 228 pp., illus. - Stefaan Van Ryssen

Dub: Soundscapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae by Michael E. Veal. Wesleyan Univ. Press, Middletown, Connecticut, U.S.A., 2007. 350 pp., illus. Trade, paper. - Stefaan Van Ryssen

Laws of Seeing by Wolfgang Metzger, translated by Lothar Spillmann, Steven Lehar, Mimsey Stromeyer and Michael Wertheimer. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A., 2006. 194 pp. illus. Trade. - Amy Ione

Leonardo Reviews - Films

Shigeru Ban: An Architect for Emergencies Directed by Michel Quinejure. First Run/Icarus Films, Brooklyn NY, U.S.A., 2006. VHS/DVD. 52 min. Distributor's web site: http://www.frif.com - Roy R. Behrens

Forever Directed by Heddy Honigmann. First Run/Icarus Films, Brooklyn NY, U.S.A., 2006. VHS/DVD. 97 min. Distributor's web site: http://www.frif.com - Roy R. Behrens

Leonardo Reviews - On-Line


Holographic Chiaroscuro: Figures in Virtual and Pseudoscopic Space - Paula Dawson

Eye-Balls: Cheap and Cheerful Interactive Performance - Joe Marshall, Steve Benford, Tony Pridmore

Mario's Furniture: A Wireless Interactive Video Installation and Game -Hillary Mushkin, S.E. Barnet

Metazoa Ludens: Mixed Reality Interactions and Play for Small Pets and Humans - Roger Thomas Kok Chuen Tan, Adrian David Cheok, Roshan Peiris, Vladimir Todorovic, Hui Cong Loi, Chiu Weng Loh, Dung Thi Khanh Nguyen, Janyn Yin Ping Sen, Elvin Zhiwen Yio, Tan Bing Siang Derek

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